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Key Points for UWS or CSS students wanting to take a course at UMD:

  • Follow the Inter Institution Cross Registration (IICR) instructions provided by your home institution. Visit your institution's website for details.
  • Registration is available during the period of UMD Open Enrollment
    • Check your home institution email for updates regarding your registration status. Some classes require instructor permission in order to proceed with registration.
  • All students participating in IICR must remain at full-time enrollment (12+ credits) at your home institution during the semester of participation in the program.
  • UMD email is the official means of communication at UMD. Accessing your UMD email is required. Once you have initiated your UMD student account, online services and email become available.
  • Activate your UMD student account
  • You are responsible for any associated course fees.
    • Course fees include but are not limited to: music course fees, computer access fees, bookstore charges, and recreation equipment fees.
    • UMD bills are distributed via your UMD email.
    • Monitor your UMD student account online to check your account balance and be aware of payment due dates. Check your UMD Student Account to view bills and to make online payments.
      • Note: If you do not pay your bill on time, you will be assessed late and installment fees and a hold will be put on your account that will prevent further registration or release of a transcript.


How do I know if the Cross Registration process is complete?

  • The Cross Registration process is complete when you are enrolled in an “IICR” class at  your home campus.
  • If classes are available, the entire process is usually complete before the 2nd week of the term.
  • Check your class schedule to be sure it includes the Cross Registration class and the correct number of credits.
  • Once enrolled, UMD student account activation is required.

How do I drop a Cross Registration course?

  • Do not drop your UMD IICR classes online.
  • Your UMD course registration is subject to the UMD Cancel/Add Refund Deadlines.
  • You must contact the Registrar’s Office of your home institution in order to drop your UMD courses(s). We will work with your institution to update your records.
  • Failure to follow the correct drop procedure for courses enrolled through IICR could result in receiving an incomplete (I) or a failing grade (F). There may also be financial implications. Failure to follow correct procedures in a timely manner may result in having to petition/appeal your situation at both campuses.