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Key Points for UWS or CSS students wanting to take a course at UMD:

  • Follow the Inter Institution Cross Registration (IICR) instructions provided by your home institution CSS or UWS).
  • Registration is available during the period of UMD Open Enrollment.
  • All students participating in IICR must remain at full-time enrollment (12+ credits) at your home institution during the semester of participation in the program.
  • UMD email is the official means of communication at UMD. Accessing your UMD email is required. Once you have initiated your UMD student account, online services and email become available.
  • Activate your UMD student account
  • You are responsible for any associated course fees. All fees must be paid to receive final grades for cross registration courses.
    • UMD bills are distributed via your UMD email. Monitor your UMD student account online to check your account balance and be aware of payment due dates.
    • Course fees include but are not limited to: music course fees, computer access fees, bookstore charges, and recreation equipment fees.
    • Check my UMD Student Account to view bills and to make online payments.


How do I know if the Cross Registration process is complete?

  • The Cross Registration process is complete when you are enrolled in an “IICR” class at ¬†your home campus.
  • If classes are available, the entire process is usually complete before the 2nd week of the term.
  • Check your class schedule to be sure it includes the Cross Registration class and the correct number of credits.
  • Once enrolled, UMD student account activation is required.

How do I drop a Cross Registration course?

  • Do not drop your UMD IICR classes online.
  • Your UMD course registration is subject to the UMD Cancel/Add Refund Deadlines.
  • You must contact the Registrar’s Office of your home institution in order to drop your UMD courses(s). We will work with your institution to update your records.
  • Failure to follow the correct drop procedure for courses enrolled through IICR could result in receiving an incomplete (I) or a failing grade (F). There may also be financial implications. Failure to follow correct procedures in a timely manner may result in having to petition/appeal your situation at both campuses.