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Students in standing in a creek doing research

Where What Meets Why

Faculty and students at UMD work together to achieve milestones in research, creative fields and scholarship.

Research and Creative Activity at UMD

At UMD, our shared passion for discovery fuels innovation and creativity across the five colleges. Faculty and students work together to produce high-quality research that benefits people in Minnesota and beyond. Whether they’re discovering new galaxies or composing original music for a theatre production, Bulldogs are changing the world.

Each year, UMD’s colleges and research institutions receive $20 million in external research funding. This support ensures UMD can continue to preserve Minnesota’s natural resources, build a strong regional economy, and foster global engagement among students.

Broader Impact

  • UMD’s Sustainable Agriculture Project produced 30 tons of organically-grown food in 2016/17

  • In 2015, the Natural Resources Research Institute delivered $7.7 million of research on the Great Lakes coastal zones.

Research News

Palombi Honored

April 8, 2019

Laura Palombi receives St. Louis County Public Health Achievement Award.

WLC Holds Annual Talent Show

April 8, 2019

World Languages and Cultures students and faculty share music, dance, and more.

Mind and Motion

April 7, 2019

Jacob Kluver's undergraduate research helps the track and field team succeed.

Markets for Recycled Paper, Reducing Plastics

April 4, 2019

NRRI helps inventor develop compostable food trays using local recycled paper pulp to reduce food service plastics.

It’s a First Place Win for the MAP Team

April 3, 2019

Data visualization that is award-worthy is produced by Marketing Analytics Program students. 

#MeToo Resonates

April 2, 2019

Students work to create gender, health, and justice conference at UMD.

Change is Coming to the Northland

April 2, 2019

Climate change scenarios spur community-wide discussion about how Duluth can respond to impacts -- from infrastructure to economics.

Explorers of the Inland Seas

April 1, 2019

UMN Duluth’s Large Lakes Observatory marks 25 years of discovery.

Curing Cultural Ignorance

April 1, 2019

UMD undergraduate discusses the museum role in accurately representing history.

Pharmacy News

March 31, 2019

April 2019 news from faculty and staff of the College of Pharmacy Duluth.


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