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Congratulations UMD Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Earth and Environmental Science students with your second and third place wins in the 29th annual Conference on the Environment’s annual Environmental Challenge. The second place cash prize was awarded to Olivia Dawson-Olson (ChE), Jeremy Hurley (Geol), Carissa Kloncz (ChE), and Joseph Sternberg (CE). The third place cash prize  was awarded to Katherine Bakken (ChE), Matthew Dankers (ChE), Mitchell Kruse(ESci), and Morgan Loth (CE)


Thursday 11 December 2014
Title:  “Gene transfer of Cholinesterase to treat Cocaine Addiction: Efficacy, Safety, and Serendipity
Speaker:  Dr. William (Steve) Brimijoin, professor, Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Experimental Pharmaceutics, Mayo Clinic
Time/Place:  3:30 PM / SMED 130
Host:  AHC Seminar Series, Dr. Kendra Nordgren, DMED Department of Biomedical Sciences, 726-7432,


Friday 12 December 2014
Title:  “High-Performance Affinity Microcolumns: Recent Developments and Applications in Bioanalysis
Speaker:  Dr. David Hage, professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Time/Place:  3:00 p.m. / LSci 175
Host:  Venkatram Mereddy, SCSE Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, 726-6766,

Title:  “Spacial and Temporal Abundance of Gastropod Intermediate Hosts in Northeastern Minnesota with Implications for Parelaphostrongylus Tenuis Risk in Moose
Speaker:  Tim Cyr, IBS Master's candidate, UMD
Time/Place:  3:15 pm / LSci 185
Host:  Ron Moen. SCSE Department of Biology, 726-7774,


Monday 15 December 2014
Title:  "Defense targeting to the host-pathogen interface: endomembrane trafficking in the plant immune response"
Speaker:  Dr. William R. Underwood, postdoctoral scholar, Energy Biosciences Institute, University of California, Berkeley
Time/Place:  12:00 noon / 130 SMED
Host:  Brianna Gross, SCSE Department of Biology, 726-7722,

**Dr. Underwood is a candidate for an assistant professor position in the Department of Biology


Thursday 18 December 2014
Title:  "Hidden drivers of diversity: Genetic consequences of asexuality in ferns"
Speaker:  Dr. Amanda L. Grusz, postdoctoral fellow, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC
Time/Place:  12:00 noon / 130 SMED
Host:  Jared Strasburg, SCSE Department of Biology, 726-7796,

**Dr. Grusz is a candidate for an assistant professor position in the Department of Biology



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