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Bulldog Science and Engineering Days

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Top Universities

UMD & SCSE Rank Among
Best Colleges

U.S. News and World Report issue of “America’s Best Colleges” 2016 edition. And out of more than 200 engineering schools, Swenson College's undergraduate program ranked in the top quarter. (more)


Charles L. Matsch GeoDome made its debut at Myers-Wilkens Elementary School in Duluth

Moons, stars, and planets swirled over heads in the darkness. Mars appeared and then Jupiter’s moon, with it's pizza-like surface. Children exclaimed in wonder and called out answers with infectious enthusiasm. (more)

UMD Weekly Seminars

Monday, October 12, 2015

Title:  “Restoration of Native Submersed Plant Communities after Control of Invasives

Speaker:  Dr. Raymond Newman, professor, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology, University of Minnesota – St. Paul

Time/Place:  4:00 PM. / SSB 202

Host:  Randall Hicks, SCSE, Biology, 726-8438,

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

No Seminars

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Title:  "Overall Health and Lung Cancer Risk Among Minnesota taconite Mining Workers: An Environmental Exposure Study and Lessons Learned for Future Community-Engaged Research"

Speaker:  Dr. Elizabeth M. Allen, Program in Health Disparities Research at the University of Minnesota

Time/Place:  3:30 PM / Room 130 School of Medicine

Host:  Emily Onello, DMED, Department of Family Medicine, 726-7820,

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Graduate Colloquium:

Title:  “Connectivity in Fractal Models of Porous Media: A Markov Chain Approach

Speaker:  Nathan Pollesch, Department of Mathematics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, Center for BioEnergy Sustainability, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN.

Time/Place:  2:00 PM / SCC 130

Host:  Dalibor Froncek, SCSE, Mathematics & Statistics, 726-7958,


Undergraduate Colloquium:

Title:  “A Mathematical Technique for Making the Best Choice - Useful for Medical Trials, Stock Selection, Dating and Gardening

Speaker:  William Krossner, Ph.D., Statistical Consultant, President, PsyMinn Corporation

Time/Place:  3:00 PM / SCC 130 – Refreshments at 2:50 p.m.

Host:  Joe Gallian, SCSE, Mathematics & Statistics, 726-7576,


LLO Seminar:

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Title:  “Morphological, Molecular and Ecological Evidence for Rapid Radiation in Lacustrine Plankton diatoms

Speaker:  Dr. Edward Theriot, professor, Department of Integrative Biology, University of Texas – Austin

Time/Place:  3:00 p.m. / Room 200 RLB

Host:  Sergei Katsev, SCSE, Physics and LLO, 726-6057,

Friday, October 16, 2015

Title:  “Organic Chemistry, Biology and Therapeutics Discovery

Speaker:  Dr. Venkatram Mereddy, associate professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Minnesota Duluth

Time/Place:  3:00 PM / LSci 175

Host:  Katie Schreiner, Chemistry & Biochemistry, 726-8680,


Title:  “Molecular Characterization of Vasotocin Hormone Receptors in the Sea Lamprey to Address Invasive Species Ecology and Evolution: An Integrated Biosciences Approach

Speaker:  Sally Mayasich, IBS Ph.D. candidate, UMD

Time/Place:  3:15 PM / 185 LSci

Host:  Ben Clarke, DMED, Biomedical Science, 720-6587,


If you are organizing a seminar and wish to include it in this list for maximal exposure and attendance, please contact Sue Johnson by e-mail ( or phone (218-726-6397). For an update, please visit (

Why Chagas Disease Research?

Chagas Research

The parasite enters a human when its host, most often the kissing bug, breaks the skin with a bite. Some people have symptoms such as a fever and swelling, and others don't. After a few weeks, the parasite enters an intermediate stage which can last for 10-40 years, often leaving the individual without symptoms. In the chronic stage, it affects 20-30 percent of the infected people with cardiac problems and cardiac-related death (more)

Students Unravel Minnesota Wolf DNA

Students Unravel Minnesota Wolf DNA

Have you ever seen a wolf in its natural habitat? If you have, consider yourself one of a lucky few. It’s more likely you have heard or seen one of the more prevalent coyotes. The progressively shrinking wolf population has motivated many researchers, like graduate student Jessica Rick and undergraduate student Stephanie Grewenow, to find answers. (more)


Toothpick Bridge Competition

(Highspeed Video)

Hundreds of students from high schools in northeastern Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin recently gathered at the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) to see how much weight a toothpick and glue structure could support. (read more)


Byron SteinmanByron Steinman Published in Science Magazine

A faculty member new to University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD), Byron Steinman, has already distinguished himself as the lead author of a research paper published by Science Magazine. (read more)


UMD Named Outstanding University by American Concrete Institute

The American Concrete Institute has named the University of Minnesota Duluth a “2014 Outstanding University”. Only 12 Universities are receiving this honor at an upcoming national convention in Kansas City, MO. (read more)

UMD students compete to keep service members cool


An equipment prototype that would cool down U.S. troops in hot weather, created by University of Minnesota Duluth students, will get a test run by military officials today in Boston. (read more)


It's official - UMD now has a cutting-edge space that is incredibly unique for a University setting. The new Motion + Media Across Disciplines (MMAD) Lab incorporates a high definition video production studio with 3D motion capture technology and a pristine chroma key setup. (read more)

Looking Up: New Wind Turbine at UMDUMD Windmill

(read more)

Watch Fox 21 KQDS Video

Clean Snowmobile Team
Top Innovators

Team Captain Dylan Dahlheimer explained how the Innovation award came from their development of a chassis dynamometer testing technique. “We set up a big water tank, about 8 feet by 3 feet, and would run the snowmobile track in it to test our modifications,” said Dahlheimer.
(read more)

The Power of Technology in Creation

Darrell Anderson woring with MasterCam and Soldiworks

Darrell Anderson, a staff member with MIE at Swenson College of Science & Engineering is creating a tool path using MasterCam & SolidWorks software. This automates the milling machine process, creating a part to precise specs. (click image to enlarge) MIE Info Call SCSE at (218) 276-6397

Experiments In LearningFaculty within the University of Minnesota Duluth’s Swenson College of Science and Engineering (SCSE) recently received three of the four grant awards to UMD for learning innovation from the University of Minnesota Provost’s Office and their Center for Educational Innovation (CEI, formerly the Center for Teaching and Learning). (more)

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