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Ayah Abuserrieh

Ayah Abuserrieh

Professional title

Chief External Affairs Officer


This is Ayah and she's in her second year at UMD. She's a double major in Philosophy and Political Science. Class of 2021!
Outside of serving two positions and committees within Student Association, she definitely keeps her foot in several doors. She’s also involved as a....
  • Member and Student Affair Director for the Bulldog Republicans
  • Regent Council Advisory Committee member
  • Conservative Political Action Conference 
  • Kirby Leadership Institute member
  • Youth Counselor for the Muslim American Society 
  • Pre-Law Club member 
  • CrossFit Athlete at Aerial Athletics
  • Sales Associate at DSW
And more to come this summer!
Fun fact about Ayah: She absolutely loves herself! She’s very proud of being a half Nicaraguan half Palestinian mix (best of both worlds), unapologetically Muslim, and everything she has to offer as a person! Some things that bring her absolute joy in this life is God and all His goodness, female empowerment, others with a passion of their own and learning things that are so enlightening she feels like she’s levitating. (:
In her free time, she enjoys weightlifting, traveling, or being with her family.
She looks forward to keeping a burning flame lit on her passions and the work she does on and off campus. She encourages any productive questions or conversations - by all means, don’t be shy to reach out!
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