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Apply for these open positions in Student Association!

Director Positions

Senate Director

The role of the Senate Director is to coordinate the UMD student senators and to act as a voting member of Student and University Senate meetings. The Senate Director must also sit on the Student Senate Consultative Committee.

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Bulldog Taxi Director

The Bulldog Taxi Director is in charge of communicating with the Cab company or companies who we are partnered with as well as pursuing promoting the program to students through various channels.

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Sustainability Director

The Sustainability Director shall represent the interests of the student body on matters of sustainability within UMDSA, within UMD Governance, and to the administration.

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Senator Positions

CEHSP Senator

Represent the College of Education and Human Services Professions! Senators meet regularly with the dean of their college to work on college-specific issues. These members sit on our Academic Affairs Committee.

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Representative Positions

Representative at Large

Representatives-at-Large are voting members of Congress who serve on both a committee within Student Association and a governance committee with staff and faculty on campus. These members make-up most of Congress and work with executive members on various initiatives.

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