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Student Life Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

The Division of Student Life supports the university's mission by engaging students in cultural, intellectual, emotional, and physical development that enriches their lives, fosters their success, and prepares them for the future!


  • We will create a respectful, inclusive, and vibrant living and learning environment where relationships with students, campus and community are valued.
  • We will provide a first-rate combination of programs, services, products, facilities and living environments designed to enhance the student experience and contribute to student success.
  • We will build a community of empowered lifelong learners and engaged citizens and develop the next generation of responsible, ethical leaders.


Student centered
We place students at the heart of all we do.
Excellence/High Quality service
We provide high quality service and programs developed with creativity, innovation and a commitment to continuous improvement.
We respect and celebrate the diversity of individuals, perspectives, and ideas while promoting social justice.
We engage students in opportunities that promote and support their growth, development and well-being.
We foster partnerships and build community.
We contribute toward a sustainable future and model sustainable practices.


See how the Student Life goals map to the UMD Strategic Plan

The Division of Student Life's goals support the unit's mission through two major areas: goals focused on supporting students and enhancing their education and experience at UMD, and goals that support the unit's operational excellence.
Engaging Students
Goal Area 1 - Learning
  • Create engaging, purposeful learning experiences that are sustainable and integral to our students' academic, professional and personal development and success.
  • Utilizing the < model >, foster student development in terms of UMD's learning goals and outcomes.
Goal Area 2 - Cultural Competence
  • Provide and promote education, resources, and training opportunities on equity, diversity, and social justice for the division's staff and students.
  • Infuse co-curricular programming and services with components that create engaging cultural competence learning opportunities for students.
Goal Area 3 - Wellness
  • Foster students' well-being through educating, engaging, and empowering their physical, social, environmental, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and financial success.
  • Develop physical spaces, programs and services that support an exceptional environment for student wellness.
Excelling in Performance
Goal Area 4 - The "Student Life Experience"
  • Deliver service in a positive, knowledgeable, skillful, accurate and prompt manner.
  • Create communication that is appropriate and effective, both in the ways we provide information and actively seek and respond to feedback from our customers.
  • Develop a culture of continuous improvement where innovation and growth are encouraged, and empathy and inclusiveness are integrated into every aspect of customer service.
Goal Area 5 - Resources
  • Apply a strategic, visionary, student-focused and sustainable approach in developing, managing, and continually assessing human, fiscal, physical, and technological resources.
  • Utilize resources effectively, ethically, and efficiently through stewardship and collaboration.
  • Cultivate public and private fiscal opportunities and partnerships that support and enrich the student experience.
Goal Area 6 - Assessment
  • Incorporate program evaluation and the UMD Student Learning Outcomes into divisional assessment efforts.
  • Link assessment efforts to the Student Life and UMD Strategic Plans.
  • Provide leadership and professional development opportunities to staff to foster a culture of assessment and continuous improvement.

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UMD Student Life
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