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Quiet Simplicity

03/06/18 - Early Spring 2019

Court Gallery

The exhibition highlights works by some of the most beloved artists in the Tweed Museum's permanent collection of American paintings from the 19th and 20th century. It has been curated to showcase the rural beauty and domestic comforts of a bygone era. This display features paintings of tranquil landscapes, seascapes, farmsteads, and portraits that capture men, women, and children enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Many of these paintings have enjoyed a long history with the Tweed and have been included in many formidable exhibitions that have shaped the Museum's creative profile. Among the most well-loved artists in this exhibition are Luther Emerson Van Gorder, David Ericson, and Helen Turner— each a painter gifted with the ability to produce artworks of provincial charm and timeless appeal.



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Free and Open to the Public