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Sustainable Transportation

Sustainable Transportation Programs

Following the UMD mission of providing and supporting a sustainable environment, Transportation & Parking Services offers a variety of programs designed to encourage more sustainable practices when it comes to transportation. Having only a limited amount of parking spaces, students, faculty, and staff discover the benefits of using alternative transportation modes to get to campus.

Bulldog CarShare Program: the perks of having your own car, without having a car

For students, the big question is often centered around whether or not to bring a car to campus. One of the key reasons for having a car on campus is enjoying the freedom to get around the city of Duluth. With UMD's new CarSharing program, which allows students to check-out vehicles to use over a certain time period, students can now have the same freedom to leave campus, without actually needing their own car! 

DTA Bus 

DTA bus logo

Riding the DTA bus comes with many perks, including no parking hassles and a city-wide service to and from the UMD campus. For a minimal fee to use, the DTA offers rides to many destinations around the city of Duluth. Learn more on how the DTA bus program works!

More Programs

Additionally, programs include walking & biking to campus, free motorcycle & scooter parking, carpool discounts, and charging stations for electric vehicles.