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Supervisor Job Aids in Writing a Job Description

The job description will help you identify and summarize the major duties of a job. The first step in hiring is to prepare a job description. Job descriptions are the benchmark for future job requisitions, writing performance standards, and job reviews. There are a number of ways to write job descriptions:

  • The supervisor may write the description alone if the position is vacant or being reorganized.
  • The supervisor may write a draft for the employee to review and discuss.
  • The employee may write a draft for the supervisor to review and discuss.
  • The supervisor and employee may meet to write the description together.
  • The supervisor may integrate descriptions that s/he and the employee write independently.

To evaluate an applicant for a job, the following questions must be determined in advance:

  • In what type of work environment (office, grounds, etc.) will this job be performed?
  • What are the general responsibilities of the job?
  • What specific duties will the employee have to perform?
  • What formal education, training, or certification is required (or extremely desirable)?
  • What prior experience (paid work or volunteer) is required (or extremely desirable)?
  • What special skills (typing, operating equipment, etc.) are required (or extremely desirable)?
  • What personality traits (calm, able to deal with conflict, assertive, organized, detail-oriented, etc.) are required (or extremely desirable)

If you have questions about compliance with ADA, refer to Establishing Qualification Standards/Selection Criteria.

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