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 Department of Human Resources & Equal Opportunity

Workers' Comp

Job Description


Selection criteria are those criteria or standards you will use to determine the applicants to invite for an interview and, subsequently, the one who will be offered the position. They are the skills, training, and experience necessary for someone to do the job successfully.


1. Review the job functions and any current job description. Identify the actual tasks performed, their frequency, and percentage of time and importance.

2. Identify specific requirements (i.e., education, knowledge, skills, experience, and training) necessary to perform the tasks. Make sure that they are nondiscriminatory. Call the UMD Department of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity, (218) 726-7161, if you have any questions.

3. Be sure that each requirement:

  • Does not exceed what is necessary for satisfactory performance.
  • Is not so unique or difficult that it becomes exclusionary.
  • Goes beyond that which is acquired through training normally provided on the job or with reasonable accommodation.

In addition:

  • Consider other skills, training, or even job requirements that might be used to achieve the same goal without creating a disparate impact on protected-class applicants.
  • Be sure that English language requirements do not bar the employment of people with little or no English if fluency in the language is not an important job requirement.
  • Physical requirements must be directly related to the essential functions of the job. You must make sure that all applicants are considered equally and consistently.
  • Experience and skill requirements must be evaluated to assure that they are necessary for particular jobs with or without reasonable accommodation. (For example, distinguish between the need for word processing, microcomputer, or CRT data-entry skills where necessary.)

4. Requirements for a high school diploma or college degree should always be combined with an equivalent experience and/or education requirement statement.

5. List the selection criteria, and insert them in the appropriate place on the requisition. Selection criteria must meet the following requirements:

  • Criteria must be established prior to submitting a job requisition, except for Temporary No Post and Teamster positions.
  • Criteria must be related to the essential functions of the job.
  • Criteria must be weighted or rated and evaluated based on the essential functions of the job.
  • Criteria must be measurable (i.e., able to be determined during selection process by review of applications/resumes, references, interviews, etc.).
  • Criteria must be applied equally and consistently to all applicants.
  • Criteria must be free of bias (including no adverse impact on protected-class applicants).

Identify those criteria that are the most relevant to the job duties and qualifications of your vacancy. Sample of selection criteria are provided and the associated criterion descriptions as follows:


Problem Solving

Verbal Communications

Written Communications

Work Experience

Technical/Specialized Knowledge

Manual/Physical Skills/Abilities


Word processing/software skills

Microcomputer/hardware skills

CRT data-entry skills

Shorthand/speed writing skills

Dictaphone/machine-transcription skills

Bookkeeping/accounting skills

Technical/statistical typing

Legal terminology skills

Foreign language skills

Medical terminology: completion of a training course in medical terminology or equivalent relevant actual hands-on experience such as preparation of patient care reports and/or histories, journal articles, or curriculum materials.

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