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Prepare a Job Requisition

Checklist for Hiring Departments to Fill a Vacancy for Continuing and Temporary Appointments

Step 1:

CREATE Job Description and Selection Criteria for your Job Requisition using the University Generic Job Description. Here are some Sample Selection Criteria that you may use for your reference.

Step 2:

1. FILL OUT the Online Employment System using the Job Description and Selection Criteria you created on Step 1. Be sure that the Job Requisition reflects the current essential functions of the position and that it specifies those duties fundamental to the job.

Include any special information needed to help with recruitment:

  • work hours, days of week, etc. (shift) if it is other than Monday-Friday, 7:45am - 4:30pm, or if there may be occasional overtime needed
  • length of the posting. If the job will be advertised in the newspaper, it will need to be posted for a minimum of ten (10) calendar days. Advertisement must be submitted to UMD HR&EO for approval.

If it is not going to be advertised in the newspaper:

(a) for Civil Service, a minimum of seven (7) calendar days is required for the posting of an announcement concerning a vacancy in a Continuing or Temporary Posted position, except where a laid-off or injured worker is re-employed;

(b) for AFSCME Clerical, Technical and Teamsters, at least seven (7) calendar days is required.

If the department wishes to re-post after the deadline date, a minimum posting of seven (7) working days is required.

  • specify additional information you would like from applicants at time of interview or they may submit online (resumes, references, work samples, etc.). Indicate this at the bottom of the Requisition.
  • designate if "internal" (reserved for current university employees only) or "external" (open to the public).

Some restrictions may apply, and if they do, it will be clearly stated on the posting. Examples of statements include:

    Reserved for Current University employees only (department's decision).

2. Designate if a continuing or temporary appointment.

3. Designate appointment term (e.g., 9, 10, or 12 month).

Step 3:

The online Job Requisition is then ROUTED for approval to the Director/Department Head, then Dean (if applicable), then Vice Chancellor.

Step 4:

a. The appropriate Vice Chancellor ROUTES the online Job Requisition Form to UMD HR PRO.

b. Upon approval, UMD HR PRO will then ROUTE it to the U of M Compensation Unit.

c. Once reviewed by U of M Compensation unit, they will ROUTE to UMD HR&EO Employment Team to post.

d. The job is posted at

Step 5:

UMD HR&EO will screen the applications specified on the essential qualifications. Application forms of those who meet the essential qualifications will then be ROUTED to the hiring department.

Nothing in federal law nor University policy mandates the hiring of any applicant who does not meet the essential qualifications for a vacancy as approved and posted by UMD HR&EO. Should a department feel that UMD HR&EO has certified and referred any applicant who does not meet the stated Essential Qualifications, the hiring department should immediately notify the UMD HR&EO Director or Associate Director.

For all Job Requisitions with 18XX class number:

Per the Agreement Between the University of Minnesota and Locals 3800 and 3801, AFSCME Council 6:

Article 5, Recruitment and Employment, Section 4, Application Consideration:

Applicants who apply for vacancies and who have been certified by the Employer as meeting the qualifications and measurable job related selection criteria for a vacancy shall be considered in the following order:

A. Bargaining unit employees who have applied for a vacancy in their Department following the procedures above and who are qualified and meet the measurable and job related selection criteria as determined by the Employer, shall be considered for a bargaining unit vacancy before other applicants.

B. All other applicant.

If you have any questions, contact Mary Cameron at 726-7912.

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