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 Department of Human Resources & Equal Opportunity

Workers' Comp



  • It is essential to check your state and local discrimination laws because some individuals may be in a "protected class" in your city or state, even if they are not in a federally protected class (sexual orientation is a good example).
  • The interviewer should stay focused on the job and its requirements, not any preconceived assumptions about what the applicant can or cannot do. Remember: any oral statements that the interviewer makes during the interviewing process can lead to potential liability for our campus.
  • Remember that someone who interviews well may have had a lot of practice in many other job interviews as a result a frequent job change. An uncomfortable interviewee may have experienced long-term employment situations and, as a result, fewer interviews.
  • Sell the job and the company while keeping your pitch realistic. Unrealistic expectations will generally lead to employee dissatisfaction and higher turnover.
  • Make sure you elicit questions or provide information which will help clear up any unanswered questions or doubts that are lingering in the applicant's mind.
  • Verify educational credentials, if required for the position.
  • Do not conduct employee physicals at the pre-offer stage since they are prohibited under the ADA. Certain physical ability to perform an essential function of the job and if such tests are conducted for all applicants for all positions. Pre-offer drug tests are generally permissible.
  • End the interview on a friendly note and, if possible, apprise the candidate of the next step and the time frame for a decision.
  • Complete the Candidate Evaluation Form while the interview is still fresh in your mind.
  • Conduct reference checks consistently for all candidates (preferably using prior supervisors over personal references since they are less biased and more aware of the candidate's work performance). Refer to the Reference Checking Form for further information.
  • Make a fair and unbiased recommendation or decision on the job-related qualifications of the applicant.

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