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UMD Background Checks and Verifications


UMD Student Background Checks

The August 2013 University of Minnesota requirement of background checks for new employees excludes student positions. Accordingly, undergraduate and graduate students will not be required to undergo background checks unless they are working (as employee or volunteer) in areas where it is required legally or contractually, required by the unit, involves work with minors under the Safety of Minors policy, or has been identified by UMD HR&EO as requiring a background check based on duties performed.

UMD has identified the following student classifications to require a background check:

  • UMD Student Clinical and Field Placements: Background verifications are required of these students, including practicum and student teaching. The verification is designed to meet State school district guidelines governing adults with responsibility for children. UMD students who are assigned to a clinical/field placement must have a background check completed and on file with the UMD HR&EO. For applicable field placement forms and more information, see UMD Student Clinical and Field Placements.

    Title/Name Job Classification

    Job Code

    Primary Work Responsibilities

    Student Admin/Support Services


    Positions perform a variety of administrative support duties and/or intern responsibilities that include but are not limited to: bookkeeping and accounting, finance; graphic design, communications, marketing, public relations, advertising/journalism; providing student support services, surveying/interviewing study participants and clients/patients; fund raising contacts with donors; and lead orientation/campus and departmental tours, other scripted tours.

    Student Food Service/Labor/Security


    Positions perform a variety of duties in the areas of providing security, e.g., guard, patrol premises; materials management services, e.g., inventory, stores; delivery/driving; maintaining, cleaning, delivering athletic equipment; laboratory attendant services; working with, cleaning, and caring for plants and/or animals; using farm equipment; directing placement of or parking vehicles; food service operations; maintaining building and grounds; general labor, event staging, and set and museum preparations.

    Student Health Support Services


    Positions perform a variety of duties in the areas of nursing, physical therapy, dentistry, social work, speech therapy by scheduling appointments, cleaning and/or preparing exam/treatment areas, and assisting in exams/treatments.  Provide student peer mental health or crisis counseling, including academic or social issues.

    Student Recreation/Fitness/Wellness


    A variety of student positions exist within the areas of recreation, sports, fitness, and wellness. Duties may include, but are not limited to facility and equipment supervision; assistance to and/or instruction of students, staff, and faculty in a variety of fitness programs which may occur in individual and/or group settings; the officiating or supervision of Intramural Sports games/leagues; coaching of University Sports Clubs; and the enforcement of general policies, rules and regulations. In addition, several positions are available in the areas of youth instruction and camp supervision. All positions require standard medical assistance training (Standard First Aid, Blood Borne Pathogens, and CPR training). Training will be provided as needed.

    Student Tech Support Services


    Positions perform a variety of duties and/or internship responsibilities in the areas of: life and/or social science laboratories; library circulation; childcare/daycare; information technology including programming, development/structure of web pages; engineering/drafting, print production, theaters; community programs and research studies; photography (video, still) of games, movie production, etc.; interpreting; translating; theatre/event sound and light production; electronic monitoring of campus/buildings, alarms, answering calls and dispatching appropriate staff; and care of veterinary patients.

    Student Academic Support


    Teaching Assistant responsibilities may include: Grade papers, tests and exams. Assist with preparation of class materials: sort, file, collate, design, and/or distribute. Tutor and advise students. Function as lead worker for less experienced assistants. Set up and operate equipment for classroom instruction. Monitor classes and laboratories. Perform routine research. Gather, file, and code data

    Teaching responsibilities may also include: leading educational tours (e.g., natural history interpreter), teaching educational programs to school and community groups, assisting in the development of educational exhibits/dioramas, leading educational activities/exercises, and assisting in the preparation of content for bibliographies and other informational materials.

    Research Assistant responsibilities may include: Gather, file, code data; perform data analysis. Perform library and/or literary research. Draft reports. Assist with construction and testing of models. Perform laboratory analysis and experimentation. Assist with language translations. Assist with evaluation and recording of results. Draft or participate in the drafting of research proposals. Assist with the set up and take down of experiments for laboratory sections. Review of literature.

The following student job codes should have a background check if warranted:

  • Job Code 2221: Student Academic Support.

For student field placements and student positions working in programs with minors, background checks are valid for three (3) years.

For all other student positions, background checks are valid for as long as the student is enrolled as a student at UMD. If/when a student transfers into a position working in programs with minors or otherwise requiring it, a background check would need to be completed. If the original background check with satisfactory results was completed within the previous 12 months prior to the transfer, another background check would not need to be conducted. If it was completed more than 12 months, a background check would be required for the transfer.

If you are uncertain whether a certain event or situation would require a background check, contact HR&EO.

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