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Wellness, Health, & Personal Development
Fall 2009

Title/Date/Time/Room Description Facilitator(s)
Inducing Relaxation Through Nature and Photography Series - Session 1: Technical Aspects of Photography
Monday, 9/21
KSC 323
Studies attest to the power of nature to induce relaxation. However, studies also show that photos of nature can reduce stress. This workshop is geared toward getting you into nature and giving you a better understanding of how a camera “thinks”.  Be empowered to capture what you see as well as what you feel and pump up your wellness barometer! 

Note: This is a 3-part series. You are not required to attend all sessions but advisable to attend all. Bring your camera to Sessions 1 & 2.

Our first session meets in the classroom as we cover the technical aspects of camera use. Through this knowledge, you are empowered to capture nature as you see it or as you feel it.

The principles of photography taught herein are transferrable to cameras that allow you to control their aperture setting and shutter speed.   You will need your camera manual for specifics on how to access those settings for your particular make and model.

Dr. Ladona Tornabene, Ph.D., CHES is an associate professor who teaches Health Education in the department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. She uses her photography to promote health through contact with nature and to empower others through her Professor as Photographer Scholarship Fund.
Understanding Memory Loss – Recognizing
What’s Not Normal Aging
Thu, 9/24
KSC 323
Participants will learn symptoms of memory loss that is beyond “normal aging,” other symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders (AD/RD), importance of early detection, diagnosis and treatment, tips on living with memory loss – yours or someone else’s, community resources available to help people affected by AD/RD.

There will be time for Q & A, as needed.

Esther Gieschen is the Northern Regional Director for the Alzheimer’s Assn. MN-ND.  She has an MA and BA from the College of St. Scholastica and has completed graduate work in complementary therapies as therapeutic interventions for people with cognitive loss.

Inducing Relaxation Through Nature and Photography Series
Session 2: Light Hiking and Hands-on Application
Fri, 9/25
Rock Pond Bagley Nature Area
This session meets at UMD's Bagley Nature Area near Rock Pond.

Apply the knowledge acquired in Session I and feel the ease and reduction of stress or tension as we journey into this photographic, awe-inspiring autumn wonderland!  

Bring your camera, camera manual and tripod (if you have one).  Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy footwear as we will do some light hiking. You may wish to bring water, extra batteries, and sufficient memory for your camera.

Dr. Ladona Tornabene
Inducing Relaxation Through Nature and Photography SeriesSession 3: Relaxation-inducing & Joy-producing Slideshow
Mon, 9/28
KSC 323
Re-live the experience through a slideshow of everyone’s favorite photos taken at Bagley as we meet indoors for our final session. Opportunity will be given for you to discuss your photographs and share how your newly learned knowledge is helping you preserve that which pumps up your wellness barometer! Dr. Ladona Tornabene
Getting to Know Your Employee Health and Wellness Center
Wed, 9/30
KSC 323
The Employee Health and Wellness Center offers a variety of services to help you obtain and maintain good health. It is comprised of QuickCare Clinic, Medication Therapy Management Clinic, and UPlan Health Coaching.

QuickCare is a clinic for UMD employees, spouses/same-sex domestic partners, and dependent children. An experienced physician assistant provides basic services such as treating ear pain and strep, to immunizations. Learn what free services QuickCare provides; i.e. blood pressure check, flu shots and immunizations.

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Clinic is a service offered at no cost to eligible UPlan participants. MTM helps creates a partnership between you, your doctor and a trained pharmacist, who work together to ensure all of your medications are necessary, safe, effective and convenient. Learn how you can qualify for a $0 copay for your Generic medications through RX America and an $8 reduction in your Brand copay.

The UPlan Health Coach can help motivate and encourage eligible UPlan members to better health. Your health coach provides unbiased, up-to-date information to assist you with the development of a personalized wellness plan to effectively change behavior. Receive $65 incentive reward after finishing the health coaching program with required guidelines.

Patricia Trachte is Nurse Practitioner with the UMD QuickCare Clinic.

Dr. Keri Naglosky is an assistant professor at the College of Pharmacy and the Medication Therapy Management Clinic Director.

Rachel Gilbertson is the UMD UPlan Wellness Coach.

Nutrition for Women's Health
Thu, 10/1
KSC 323
This session will focus on the particular nutritional needs of women throughout the lifecycle. New research that has focused on the B-vitamins, Vitamin D, mineral electrolytes and food processing will be discussed. Charlene Harkins is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian. She is an Assistant Professor in the Exercise Science Program, Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation.
Winter Driving Safety
Fri, 10/2
KSC 323
The leading cause of death during winter storms is transportation accidents. Preparing your vehicle for the winter season and knowing how to react if stranded or lost on the road are the keys to safe winter driving. Come join us to learn tips and techniques for driving safely during the winter months. Andrew Kimball is an Environmental Health and Safety Specialist with UMD Environmental Health and Safety Office and a certified instructor in CPR, AED, First Aid, HazMat, Defensive Driving, and Fire Safety.
National Safety Council (NSC) CPR/AED for Lay People
M on, 10/5
25 DAdB

The NSC CPR/AED course is designed as part of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification training. CPR and First Aid on a choking victim will be taught through demonstration and practice of mannequin and use of AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) will be demonstrated.

Maximum of 10 people

Andrew Kimball is an Environmental Health and Safety Specialist with UMD Environmental Health and Safety Office and a certified instructor in CPR, AED, First Aid, HazMat, Defensive Driving, and Fire Safety.
What You Need to Know About Vascular Disease
Wed, 10/14
KSC 323
This session will talk about PAD ( peripheral arterial disease), its risk factors, signs, symptoms and prevention. Jason Lenz is Nurse Practitioner with the Duluth Clinic since 2002, He received his Bachelor's degree (Bachelor of Science) at Viterbo College.
Conflict Communication Skills At Home & At Work
Thu, 10/15
KSC 323
Learn the three words that can stop a conflict and help proceed towards resolution. Learn the steps to have a civil conflict and resolve your issues and concerns with other people. Bob Lyman has worked for St. Luke's Hospital for over 30 years.
Smoking Cessation
Mon, 10/19
KSC 323

Join us in this discussion of smoking cessation with our Employee Health and Wellness Center team. Learn about the health effects of smoking, discuss behavior change strategies, and get an overview of Nicotine Replacement Therapies and medication options. Also, get more information on the UMD Tobacco Smoking Cessation Program that is available FREE to UMD employees.

If you're looking to quit, the UMD Tobacco/Smoking Cessation program is here to help. The Employee Health & Wellness Center team will assist you in creating a customized plan to become tobacco free. The counseling program is FREE for UMD faculty, staff, and their families. UPlan members who successfully complete a 6-month program will receive a $65 incentive reward.

Pat Trachte is the Nurse Practitioner with QuickCare Clinic. Rachel Gilbertson is the UPlan Wellness Coach. Keri Naglosky is the director of the Medication Therapy Management Clinic.
Finding and Keeping Motivation
Thu, 10/22
KSC 323
The object of this session is to understand motivation and its purpose. We will learn steps towards creating and keeping motivation; and understand the importance of planning, outcomes, obstacles and goals. Kristine Stave is an exercise science graduate from UMD, certified as a clinical exercise specialist ACSM and certified Wellcoach. Kristine has worked in cardiac rehab and preventative medicine for over 10 years.
Weight Management|
Wed, 10/28
KSC 323

Kristy will discuss weight management options available to patients including medical and surgical. Kristy Severson is a clinical nurse specialist. She graduated with master's degree in nursing in 2006 from College of St. Scholastica and have been working as the program coordinator in Weight Management since 2006.
Shiatsu for Your Health - Self Care Acupressure and Stretches
Mon, 11/9
KSC 323
Learn how to locate and use acupressure points on your body to relieve stress and muscular tension that can cause headaches and other ailments. Simple stretches and breathing techniques will also be demonstrated. Linda Kinnunen is a nationally certified Diplomate of Asian Body Therapy by the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) and has been practicing Zen Shiatsu for 12 years.
Organic Food
Thu, 11/12
Garden Room
One of the biggest trends in food marketing and consumer demand is for “organic foods.” This session will discuss what makes a food organic, how foods can be designated as being organically processed and possible benefits to making these food choices. Charlene Harkins is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian. She is an Assistant Professor in the Exercise Science Program, Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation.
National Safety Council (NSC) Defensive Driving Course (DDC) 4
Tue, 11/17
25 DAdB
The Department of Human Resources and Environmental Health and Safety Office are offering Defensive Driving Course 4 classes for FREE to UMD faculty and staff, any age. Space is limited. First come first served.

A certificate will be issued upon completion of the course. For those 55 and over, it is advisable to check with your insurance company if completion of this course will qualify you for a discount on your insurance premium.

DDC 4 is a fast-paced, four-hour driver improvement program that also makes an ideal refresher course. In just four hours, DDC 4 offers practical strategies to reduce collision-related injuries, fatalities, and costs. It addresses the importance of attitude in preventing accidents, and reinforces the good driving skills students already have. Most importantly, DDC 4 shows students the consequences of the choices they make behind the wheel, and puts defensive driving in a personal context. Topics include:

  • Aggressive driving and road rage
  • Fatigue and drowsy driving
  • How driver behavior and mental conditions affect driving
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • The crash impact on passengers
  • How to avoid a collision and case study scenarios
  • Personal driving style evaluation
  • Hazard recognition and collision avoidance
  • Emotional impairment, common driving irritation and "Pet Peeves"
  • The "Fatal Four" causes of a crash
  • Driving skills inventory and assessments
  • Occupant protection laws and graduate driver's licensing
  • Vehicle malfunctions and maintenance
Andrew Kimball and Laura Lott of Environmental Health & Safety Office

Funding for the workshops are provided in part by the UPlan Wellness Program.

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