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Summary of Benefits booklet - Medical Care Coverage, page 51

Notes From Medica

Generally, the first step if thinking that Substance Abuse (SA) treatment is needed is to get an assessment. There are very few people who actually have a diagnosis of chronic substance use;  many more people may have an episode where it becomes more of an issue and is interfering in their life, and that with a little bit of support and redirection, they can correct the path that they are on.  There are however, those people who have longer term issues, and for them the recommendation is likely to be for traditional Substance Use Disorder treatment. Traditionally, SA treatment is delivered in a group structured setting rather than on an individual basis.

There are a limited number of providers that will do more individual support for someone with substance use issues; this is a rather new development in the SA treatment world.

Most treatment is delivered in a structured setting, either an intensive outpatient program, or a residential program of some type. Statistically, the outcomes are better if the treatment process goes on for a longer period of time, so that the changes the person is making have more time to be practiced. And generally speaking, it is better for a person to access the lowest level of care which will support the change process for them.

There are many places an assessment can be obtained. The easiest thing that people could do would be to call us for assistance in determining an option to obtain an assessment, as well as options for treatment providers. The main number for them to call would be 1-800-848-8327

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