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 Department of Human Resources & Equal Opportunity

Workers' Comp

Training Program - Spring 2011

Health Improvement Program (HIP) Tuesday Meetings

Who may attend: faculty, staff and family members

Registration is not required except as specified.

Date/Time/ Room




Garden Room
Info Session: "Brand New U" Wellness Challenge "Brand New U" is an 8-week challenge to get you motivated in losing weight and staying healthy! The challenge starts February 21 and ends on April 18. Faculty, staff and their spouses/same sex domestic partners are invited to participate.
Rachel Gilbertson, UPlan Health Coach. Pat Trachte, QuickCare Nurse Practitioner. Alicia Klepsa, UPlan Health Coaching intern.
KSC 323
Fruit for Northern Minnesota Fruit for Northern Minnesota will be a list of the types and best cultivars for Duluth. Anyone with a sunny yard can grow fruit! Deb Shubat is the Biology Department's greenhouse director, a farmer, and an instructor of horticulture.
KSC 323
Local Foods
This presentation will show you different types of alternatives on how to get local foods and some of the issues like food security--how could we grow enough food locally to supply our population. Deb Shubat is the Biology Department's greenhouse director, a farmer, and an instructor of horticulture.
Ballroom A
Tai Chi Tai Chi and Qigong are two unique health exercises from China. Although Tai Chi has its origins in martial arts, it is best known for its slow, easy movements and peace of mind.

Qigong (pronounced Chee Gong) is similar to Tai Chi. Practicing the slow, circular movements, and relaxed breathing of Tai Chi or Qigong improves the connection between body, mind, and spirit. Areas of tension relax. You connect with the earth and develop your natural Chi energy. Daily practice also builds strength, flexibility, and balance while calming the nerves and relieving stress.
Richard Tosseland, L.Ac. is a board certified (NCAOM) acupuncturist who has maintained a practice in acupuncture and Chinese medicine in Duluth, since 1992. He has studied acupuncture and Tai Chi and Qigong in both the U.S. and China since 1983.

KSC 323

Look It In the Eye”: A Film About Living with Mental Illness Mental health issues commonly go undiscussed, undiagnosed and untreated, leaving people and their families feeling isolated.  “Look it in the Eye” is an independent documentary about two area families who have been confronted by mental Illness. Their intimate stories of pain, resilience and recovery are portrayed in this powerful film.  To learn more, visit

Jim Gruba, MS, LP, is Executive Director of the Human Development Center.  HDC is a community mental health center serving southern St. Louis, Carlton, Lake, Cook, and Douglas counties.

Kirby 323
Staying Healthy at Every Age This session will discuss when diagnostic screenings should be done and what general health practices can be done to avoid the leading causes of death for each gender. Justine Preedit is a 4th year pharmacy student from Kenosha, Wisconsin. She attended the University of WI-Oshkosh, where she received a degree in Biology.

KSC 333

Cooking Demo: Indian Chicken Curry and Rice with Raita Nisha will be demonstrating an Indian style chicken curry and flavored rice with raita. Curry is a sauce that is usually a blend of onions, garlic, ginger, chilies, tomatoes, and a variety of spices. Vegetarian option: use paneer or tofu instead of chicken. Nisha Kondrath is part of the faculty in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. She is from India.
Fitness Walk We are going to get up and get out walking! During your lunch hour come and join us for a 30-minute walk around UMD. This is a way for you to take a break from your work to get some physical activity in for the day! Alicia Klepsa is an intern with UPlan Health Coaching. She is graduating in May with a degree in Community Health Education.
Meet in front of Kirby Student Center Info Desk
Walk and Talk Greenhouse Tour

Join us for a greenhouse tour! Explore UMD's own piece of paradise by taking a mini vacation in the Jungle Room of the lower greenhouse.  This will give you a chance to escape from your stressors as we learn about the fun plants right here on campus. Also, receive free cuttings of house plants (if you would like these, please bring a plastic bag with you)!

Deb Shubat is the Biology Department's greenhouse director, a farmer, and an instructor of horticulture.

KSC 323

Cooking Demo: Lumpia (Eggroll) Lita will demonstrate how to prepare the ever popular and most sought after oriental food, the eggroll. An egg roll is an appetizer and dinner, a variant of spring roll, which was originally eaten in Asia but has spread throughout the world as a staple of Asian cuisine. Lita will share with you the different ways Lumpia, as it is called in the Philippines, can be prepared, fresh or fried. The secret to a good eggroll is in the wrapper! Lita Wallace is Wellness and Training Coordinator with UMD HR and is liaison with the University in promoting the wellness initiatives on the UMD campus. She loves cooking and sharing ethnic dishes from the Philippines.
Ballroom A
Zumba The Latin dance-inspired fitness craze of Zumba combines fitness and fun, using almost every muscle of the body as you shimmy, shake and stomp your way fit."Wear comfortable clothing. Kallie McNallen is a group fitness instructor here at UMD.

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