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Reimbursement Procedures

University of Minnesota Duluth's Off-Campus (Non-University) Community Service Programs, and Public or Private Non-profit Organizations

After paying your student(s) one hundred percent (100%) of wages earned, your agency must request a seventy five percent (75%) reimbursement from the University of Minnesota Duluth for each payroll period. Agencies are required to send in a request for reimbursement at least once a month. The reimbursement request must include the following documents:

1. An invoice on your Agency's letterhead billing the University for seventy five percent (75%) of the student's gross earnings (a sample invoice has been enclosed for your reference).

The invoice must include:

· the date completed
· an invoice number
· the student's name and social security umber
· the pay period beginning and ending dates
· the total reimbursement requested

If you have more than one student employed, a separate invoice is required for each student.

2. Official University of Minnesota Duluth Off-Campus Work-Study Payroll Record sheet for each pay period.

Timesheets must contain:

· the student's name and social security umber
· the actual number of hours worked each day to include starting and ending times
· the pay period beginning and ending dates
· the daily total and pay period total of hours worked
· the student's and supervisor's signatures
· review of the student's job performance for the pay period

Note that federal and state regulations state that reimbursement cannot be given for unsatisfactory student work, for work on an Official University holiday or for lunch or break periods. Please monitor the student's hours to ensure that lunch or breaks and University holiday hours are not being submitted. The 2000-2001 Official University Holiday schedule is listed on the back of this page. The hours-worked are always rounded to the quarter hour, and the critical minute is eight. For work less than the eighth minute, the time is rounded down to the last quarter hour. Any work eight minutes and over is rounded up to the next quarter hour. Hours should not be submitted in any other increments than the quarter hour.

3. A copy of the student's paycheck stub and original signature of receipt by the student as documentary evidence that the student received correct payment for his/her work (a form is enclosed for this purpose).

4. A Billing Pay Sheet identifying:

· the period of work
· the student's name and social security umber
· the student's total Work-Study award
· the student's hourly wage rate
· the number of hours the student worked
· the student's gross pay
· the seventy five percent (75%) reimbursement amount applicable to each pay period
· the original signature of an Agency official.

If you have more than one student employed, a separate Billing Sheet is required for each student (a sample Billing Sheet and a blank Billing Sheet are enclosed, which you may copy as needed). Also note:

· Your agency is required to keep on file a photocopy of all documents submitted.

· Students must be paid for all work performed and students must not work more than forty (40) hours per week.

· Your agency must monitor the student's Work-Study award balance. A sample Work-Study Earnings Monitoring Worksheet and a blank Work-Study Payroll Record Sheet are enclosed, which you may copy as needed. The student's Work-Study balance is calculated by subtracting gross earnings from the total Work-Study award after each pay period. At the end of the student's appointment, your agency must forward a copy of this document to:

Financial Aid and Registrar
University of Minnesota Duluth
Attn: Work Study
184 Darland Administration Building
1049 University Drive
Duluth MN 55812

· Student Work-Study awards are subject to change. You will be notified of any changes in writing.

Please note: Students may not be paid from Work-Study funds on the official University of Minnesota holidays or emergency closings. If their duties require them to work on these holidays or emergency closings, for whatever reason, your agency will be responsible for one hundred percent (100%) of their earnings.


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