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 Department of Human Resources & Equal Opportunity

Workers' Comp

Summer 2008

Are you ready for the 50-days of
becoming more physically active?

Participating is a great way to balance your nutrition, reduce stress, and increase your physical activity. While participating in this program, not only will you increase your health and wellness, you can earn a specialized UMD Cookbook or a UMD imprinted water bottle.


Who is eligible to participate?

UMD faculty and staff are eligible to participate in this program, a sure-fire way to boost your physical and healthy activities.

How do I participate:

Step 1: Sign-up online:

Step 2: Print monthly "Activities Calendar"

As a guide, read the sample Activities Calendar.

Step 3: Print monthly blank calendars to log your continuous 50 days of activities, nutrition or stress reducer tips. Print only the ones you need to total 50 days.

Step 4: Choose an approach to wellness that works for you. Mark the monthly blank calendars with any of the following or a mixture of your:

  • (1) daily pedometer steps;
  • (2) the number of minutes you did physical activity;
  • (3) specify the physical activity done; or
  • (4) the nutritious food that you ate or drink. Feel free to copy activities/tips from the Step 2 Activities Calendar.

  • On some days, follow activities from the Step 2 Activities Calendar by circling the dates you did the activities or read the website specified for each particular day. For the other days, write down activities that is your own agenda.

Step 5: Participate for any 50 continuous days from June 1 to December 31, 2008.

Step 6: Submit completed calendar log by May 31, 2009:

By fax: 218-726-7505
By campus mail:
  Lita Wallace
UMD Wellness Program
255 DAdB
By postage mail:
  Lita Wallace
Department of Human Resources
255 Darland Administration Building
1049 University Drive
Duluth MN 55812

Click here for other activity ideas you can do that are not listed on the logs?

    • aerobics
    • backpacking
    • baking
    • bicycling
    • calisthenics
    • canoeing
    • carpentry
    • dancing
    • exercising
    • gardening
    • going up and down stairs
    • golf
    • home improvement
    • jogging
    • jumping rope
    • mopping floor
    • mowing (push lawmower)
    • raking
    • rowing
    • running
    • skating
    • sports
    • swimming
    • vacuuming
    • walking
    • washing car/windows
    • weight lifting
    • wood working


Physical Activity in your Daily Life

Inside the Pyramid, What is Physical Activity

CDC Physical Activity Topics


UMD Employee Wellness Program

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