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Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

Program Description


The University of Minnesota's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) offers financial awards twice yearly to full-time undergraduates for research, scholarly, or creative projects undertaken in partnership with a faculty member. UROP affords undergraduates a unique educational experience of collaborating with a faculty mentor on the design and implementation of a project. At the same time, faculty have the opportunity to work closely with students and receive valuable assistance with their own research or professional activity. UROP adds a new dimension to the undergraduate experience. It also encourages students to conduct research and pursue academic interests outside of their regular courses by employing them to work on special projects. Projects are expected to contribute to the student's academic development.

UROP applications are judged on the quality of the proposed project, the strength of the collaboration with the faculty sponsor, and the educational benefit to the student. Since funding is limited, awards are granted to the strongest proposals.


As of September 1, 2014, new UROP awards will no longer be paid through the U’s payroll system as salary for hours worked.  We are switching to a scholarship payment format for the stipend portion of the award.  The stipend will be paid out in two separate payments.

All UROP expenses are handled through your faculty mentor's department.  Your award letter listed the contact person in that department. Contact this person to access any approved expense money.  The stipend portion of your award will be paid in two payments into your student account as scholarship money.  You will receive an initial $700 at the start of the semester in which your project begins.  You will receive the final $700 of the award when you have completed the four ending requirements (see below). 

If you are graduating at the end of your project, you MUST have all requirements completed by the end of the month prior to graduation or you will forfeit the final $700 of your award.  For spring graduation, all requirements must be met by April 30.  For summer graduation, the final date is July 31.  For fall graduation, all requirements must be met by November 30.  There are no exceptions.

If you need extra time, if you have not completed all project work and requirements and your end date is approaching, you will need to file an extension in order to stay current with your project.  This should be filled out, signed by your mentor, and returned to the UROP Office before your current ending date passes.  An extension will be approved once only and for one semester only.

Once you have reached the end of your project, there are four ending requirements that must be completed in order for you to access the final $700 of your stipend and be considered done with your UROP award.  These include a final report of approximately 3 pages, a completed evaluation form and some public presentation or publication of your results.  For ideas on presentation options, please go to the research presentations page.  The fourth requirement is that your faculty mentor must sign off on the Verification of Completion form found in the Forms Library to verify that you have completed the project satisfactorily and have completed approximately 120 hours of work.  Again, if you are graduating, these requirements must be completed by April 30 for spring graduation, July 31 for summer graduation and November 30 for fall graduation or you will forfeit the final $700 of your award.

Any expense money awarded will be transferred to the mentor’s department at this time.  Departments can determine what system to use to track the expenses, but left over expense money will not need to be returned to UROP.  Because of this, expense money will be awarded stringently.  Departments must follow the approved expenses list for each student (provided with the award letter).

Students: because UROP will now pay out as scholarship money, please be sure to contact One Stop Student Services if you have questions as to how this will affect your Financial Aid award for the year.

NOTE: Departments will only need to deal with UROP expenses, as payroll will no longer be necessary for new UROP awards as of 9/1/2014.  Awards beginning before 9/1/2014 and continuing after that date will continue to be paid on payroll until all have been completed.  Expense reimbursements to departments for these previous awards will be paid out at the end of the fiscal year, as is the current practice.

For applications made in the spring, awards are for the approximate period of July 1st through the following December 31st. Awards made in the fall are for the approximate period of January 1st through the following June 30th.



To apply for a UROP you must be a full-time (see below) UMD undergraduate enrolled in a baccalaureate or pre-baccalaureate degree program. Additionally you must be in good academic standing as defined by your college. Individuals on academic probation are NOT eligible. Adult special students are NOT eligible.

Full-time student status: During the period of your award, you must be registered for a minimum of 6 credits per semester.

Undergraduates working on summer projects must either register for a total of 6 credits during the summer, or carry a minimum of 6 credits in the preceding spring and subsequent fall semesters. Students working on Intersession projects cannot graduate prior to the end of the Intersession term.

Foreign students receiving a UROP award must be registered for a minimum of 12 credits per semester for the period of the award.

Under College Work Study (CWS) Program Employment, undergraduate students must be registered for a minimum of 6 credits per semester for Work Study (both Federal and State) during the academic year and/or a total of 6 credits during the summer.

Students may hold only one UROP award at a time. While past award recipients may reapply, priority will be given to first-time applicants. Past award recipients must have completed a final report and evaluation for all previous projects before they will be considered for another award. Students nearing graduation may apply only if they will complete their UROP projects, and submit a final report and evaluation of the program, before graduating from the University.

Academic credit: If you will be earning academic credit for your proposed project (e.g. for coursework, independent study, senior thesis), then you are NOT eligible for a UROP stipend. UROP is intended to supplement, not to duplicate, these credit-based educational opportunities. UROP projects, however, frequently grow out of work begun in a course, or explore in a preliminary way a topic that is later expanded into a senior thesis.


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