E1 Special study options: Identify those programs available at your institution. Refer to the glossary for definitions.
E1 Accelerated program
E1 Cooperative education program
E1 Cross-registration
E1 Distance learning
E1 Double major
E1 Dual enrollment
E1 English as a Second Language (ESL)
E1 Exchange student program (domestic)
E1 External degree program  
E1 Honors Program
E1 Independent study
E1 Internships
E1 Liberal arts/career combination
E1 Student-designed major
E1 Study abroad
E1 Teacher certification program
E1 Weekend college
E1 Other (specify):  
E2 This question has been removed from the Common Data Set.
E3 Areas in which all or most students are required to complete some course work prior to graduation:
E3 Arts/fine arts
E3 Computer literacy
E3 English (including composition)
E3 Foreign languages  
E3 History  
E3 Humanities
E3 Mathematics  
E3 Philosophy  
E3 Sciences (biological or physical)
E3 Social science
E3 Other (describe):
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