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Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Council

SEM Overview & Approach (PDF handout)

SEM Council (beginning fall 2013)

As a subcommittee within UMD Governance, the Strategic Enrollment Management Council serves as an advisory group to the Chancellor’s Cabinet and the Strategic Planning & Budget Committee.  It is charged with discussing, recommending, and monitoring all aspects related to UMD’s enrollment management approach, including UMD’s future enrollment goals and strategies for achieving those goals.  In order to arrive at its recommendations, the subcommittee will review and integrate information from multiple sources, including institutional data, external environment data, and stakeholder perspectives.  The subcommittee shall review and advise on strategic enrollment management issues, specifically to consider the integration of all programs, practices, policies, and planning related to achieving the optimal recruitment, retention, and graduation of students.

2014-15 Membership
Mary Keenan, assistant vice chancellor, Academic Affairs (SEM co-chair); Scott Schulz, director of recruitment, Admissions; Brenda Herzig, director of Financial Aid; Olaf Kuhlke, CLA (2013-2016); Fay Maas, CEHSP (2012-2015); Jannifer David, LSBE (2013-2016); James Klueg, SFA (2013-2016); Paul Kiprof, SCSE (2012-2015); Susan Kerry, VCFO representative; Susana Woodward, VCSL representative; Paula Pedersen, Cabinet appointee for intercultural diversity; Erik Brown, interim director for Graduate Education; vacant, director of External Affairs.

Visit the UMD Governance website for meeting minutes and additional information.

2012-13 SEM Council

The Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Council serves as an advisory group to the Chancellor’s Cabinet and is charged with discussing, recommending, and monitoring all aspects related to UMD’s enrollment management approach.

2012-13 Charge:

  • Monitor SEM plan implementation and progress toward 2014 and 2016 enrollment goals (ongoing);

  • Recommend non-traditional age student enrollment goals and strategies (by March 2013);

  • Scan the internal and external environments for enrollment opportunities and threats and, as applicable, recommend appropriate actions (ongoing);

  • Guide use of institutional data, including the Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory, the National Survey on Student Engagement, the Campus Labs Profile, and the Campus Climate Student Survey, to gain a better understanding of student needs, expectations, and satisfaction in an effort to improve retention (ongoing);

  • Submit an interim (January 2013) and a final (May 2013) report of SEM Council activities to the Chancellor’s Cabinet.

2012-13 SEM Council Members: Praveen Aggarwal, John Arthur, Lisa Erwin, Beth Esselstrom, Brenda Herzig, Tim Holst, Mary Keenan (co-chair), Paul Kiprof (co-chair), Fay Maas, Mike Seymour, Rob Weidner, and Mark Whitlock.


2011-12 SEM Council

In September 2011, Chancellor Black and Interim EVCAA Tsai appointed the SEM Council. The council was charged with providing leadership and oversight to the implementation of four action steps from the 2011 UMD Strategic Plan:

Goal #1, action step #2. Establish undergraduate enrollment targets based on capacity to deliver quality programs, student and societal demands, academic preparation of incoming students, and tuition revenue needs.

Goal #1, action step #3. Identify, prioritize and assess activities, using tools such as the Student Success Strategy Map, that support student achievement of UMD's learning goals, student success, satisfaction, and graduation rates. [Note: The SEM activities related to this goal are those that contribute to retention and graduation; other activities and functions related to student learning, engagement, etc. will be addressed by other groups.]

Goal #2, action step #2. Implement effective, measurable processes to recruit, retain, and support diverse students [faculty and staff].

Goal #3, action step #5. Implement a comprehensive plan to attract, retain, and serve high caliber graduate students.

2011-12 SEM Council Members: Praveen Aggarwal (co-chair), Lisa Erwin, Beth Esselstrom, Denny Falk, Ryan Goei, Brenda Herzig, Tim Holst, Mary Keenan (co-chair), Giljae Lee, Jackie Millslagle, Bruce Munson, Bilin Tsai (joined January 2012), and Mark Whitlock (joined January 2012).

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