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Meet our Consultants


Anna is a native of Russia and currently is a graduate student at the MLS program at UMD. She is also teaching English for Academic Writing 2301 this semester. She graduated from UMD in 2000 with her MA in English and had her PhD in TESOL Writing from Saint-Petersburg University, Russia, in 2011. Anna has been teaching ESL for 17 years. Her research interests focus on argumentation and persuasive writing.


Betsy is a faculty member in the Writing Studies Department, where she teaches WRIT 1120: College Writing. She assists the Writers’ Workshop in operations, management, and website maintenance.  She earned her English BA with minors in Professional Writing and Philosophy from UMD. She returned to UMD for her MA in English, Writing Studies emphasis, with a minor in Literacy and Rhetorical Studies. Her research focuses on story structure in videogames, and in her spare time she enjoys a variety of games. Betsy has experience consulting with writers in many disciplines and many kinds of writing, ranging from resumes to lab reports to scripts.


Emily earned a PhD in English Studies from Illinois State University in May of 2013 and an MA in English from UMD in 2008. She has experience teaching a variety of introductory writing, children’s literature, and other general education English courses. Emily also taught English as a Second Language and tutored writing in a range of subjects for both traditional and non-traditional students at 2- and 4-year colleges. Emily’s research interests include women’s life writing, children’s/young adult literature, and Victorian culture. In her spare time, Emily enjoys travel, cooking, and Lake Superior.


Evan is a second-year graduate student pursuing a Master of Chemistry degree with a focus on analytical chemistry.  He previously attended the University of Minnesota Duluth and holds an ACS certified Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry/Molecular Biology. Evan is currently teaching the Biochemistry Laboratory, and has previously taught Organic Chemistry for Majors, General Biochemistry, Biochemistry, and Instrumental Chemistry Laboratories. He has been involved in research for five years under the direction of Dr. John Evans. Their research is focused on the detection of ice, deicing compounds, and other media on surfaces of roadways and airplanes.


Jill has been teaching writing at UMD for over 25 years, first as a graduate student, then as an instructor, and now as an associate professor in Writing Studies, where she served as department head for seven years. Courses she taught most often include first-year writing, Advanced Writing: Arts and Letters, and Advanced Writing: Business and Organizations. She also regularly taught graduate students composition theory and pedagogy. Her research interests lie in the scholarship of teaching and learning, and her articles have been published in journals such as College Teaching, Business Communication Quarterly, EDUCAUSE Quarterly, and the International Journal of ePortfolio.

In 2012 she became the Faculty Liaison for Writing and Learning, working on campus-wide writing initiatives for Academic Affairs.  Based on UMD’s Strategic Plan, the primary goal was to establish a writing center for the entire campus community—the Writers’ Workshop is that center.  In addition to managing the Writers’ Workshop, Jill works with academic departments wishing to enhance student learning by incorporating writing throughout their programs.


Jillian is a first-year graduate student in the English program with a concentration in Writing Studies. She is also teaching WRIT 1120: College Writing this semester. She graduated from UMD in 2013 with her BA in English, with minors in Professional Writing and Cultural Studies. Jillian has experience as an undergraduate peer tutor and is eager to build on that experience on the graduate level. She looks forward to working with writers from all types of academic backgrounds and disciplines at the Writers' Workshop.


Jordan is a Wisconsin native and grew up in small town called Winter in Sawyer County. He is currently in his second year of the English MA program with an emphasis on Literature. Reading and writing of all kinds capture his interest, but he finds composing fiction the most rewarding. Outside of the academic sphere, Jordan enjoys fly fishing for just about every species of freshwater fish, reading for pleasure, backcountry hiking in locations such as Isle Royale, Yosemite National Park, and the Grand Canyon under his belt. Jordan is teaching WRIT 1120: College Writing for the second year.


Kaitlin is a second-year graduate student in the English Department with a focus on Literary Studies. In addition, she is a graduate instructor teaching WRIT 1120: College Writing for the Department of Writing Studies.  She holds a BA in Writing (creative nonfiction) with a minor in Psychology from Carroll University in Waukesha, WI.  While Kaitlin is most experienced reading papers involving discussions of literary analysis and learning and animal behavior, she welcomes students of all disciplines. Kaitlin particularly enjoys working with writers in brainstorming sessions and in outlining and organizing ideas, as these are her favorite parts of the writing process.


LeAne’s 43 years of teaching at UMD divide into two, writing-centric halves: teaching students in a variety of writing courses for the Composition Department—now Writing Studies—and working with faculty members to enhance their teaching as a consultant for UMD’s Instructional Development Services (IDS).

Compelled to practice what she professed, in 1984 she began in earnest to experiment with writing and publishing creative nonfiction articles in both commercial and academic magazines and journals ranging from The Wall Street Journal to the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer to To Improve the Academy. To date, she has published approximately 60 articles.

That experimentation served her well in facilitating a faculty group called “Write Now,” editing the Instructional Development newsletter, creating workshops, and consulting with faculty members on their writing for publication, promotion, and/or tenure. Now she will be using these skills honed over time to assist writers in the Writers’ Workshop.


Lindsey received her English BA from Iowa State University in 2005. She taught high school English for two years in Iowa and then decided to teach overseas. Lindsey and her husband spent four years teaching at the American School of Yaoundé in Cameroon, West Africa, where their students came from all over the world. An avid outdoorswoman, Lindsey took advantage of her new location to climb both Mt. Cameroon and Mt. Kilimanjaro, raft the Nile in Uganda, and go on a safari in Tanzania. This love of the outdoors drew her to Duluth, where she is pursuing her Masters in English with an emphasis in Literature. This is her second year of teaching WRIT 1120: College Writing, but she enjoys working with students on all topics and disciplines. In August, she gave birth to a little girl, and she is excited about her new adventure in motherhood.


Megan graduated from UMD in 2005 with a BA in Teaching Communication Arts and a minor in Anthropology.  She then taught English and other subjects at a project-based charter school serving students in sixth through twelfth grade in northern Minnesota before she decided to come back to UMD for an MA in English. As a second-year student in the program, Megan currently teaches WRIT 1120: College Writing. What Megan loved most about working at a project-based school was the wide assortment of topics she learned about, and she’s excited to see the same kind of topic variety in the Writers’ Workshop. Megan’s favorite subjects to learn and write about include anything in the social sciences—especially anthropology—and any topic associated with the arts, education, nature, civil rights, religion, and history, but she is happy to help writers with any and all topics.  


Peihong is from China and has been teaching English there since 2000. She got her BA in China and went on to earn two MA degrees, one in the Netherlands and one in China, with majors in linguistics and British and American literature. She is now an EdD student in the Department of Education here at UMD. She enjoys teaching and building a good rapport with her students. Peihong believes that through interaction, both the teacher and the student learn and grow.


Robin has taught writing (College Writing, Editing for Writers, Basic Writing, Academic ESL writing, graduate writing) to non-native speakers of English for over three decades at UMD, UC-Berkeley, and UMTC. She especially enjoys working one-to-one with writers, discussing the ideas in a piece of writing, and looking at ways to make editing understandable. At UMD, Robin coordinates the Academic English Language Program and teaches in a learning community for Multilingual students.


Scott is a first-year graduate student in the English MA program and teaches WRIT 1120: College Writing for the Department of Writing Studies.  Scott is a recent graduate of UMD with a degree in English and plans to focus his graduate studies on Shakespeare and literary theory.  As an undergraduate TA he was given the opportunity to teach two of Shakespeare's plays. Beyond the world of academia, Scott took about ten years off from his education to pursue a career in the culinary arts. After attaining his goal of becoming a chef, he has returned to his original dream of becoming a professor of English literature.


Seth is a former high school teacher and a current graduate student in UMD’s English MA program.  This is his second year teaching WRIT 1120: College Writing for the Department of Writing Studies.  His areas of writing interest include popular music theory, psychoanalytical theory, and Marxist theory.  Seth’s audio essay "Shane Leonard: Sonic Traditions in Eau Claire, WI" has been published in Harlot, an interactive rhetoric journal. Given his diverse interests, Seth is currently reading Foucault as well as Eugenides’ 2011 award-winning novel The Marriage Plot. He particularly enjoys brainstorming and outlining project/essay ideas, as well as working with documentation styles.

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