A Design-Scheme Mockup from
a "Memory of Earth"

Working in groups of three or four, create a design-scheme mockup for a character home page, based on one of the two characters who tell their stories in the excerpt from the novel Generation X (see the handout "Remember Earth Clearly").

This scheme should be created in Photoshop in the form of a collage or scrapbook-like-page. Begin by opening a new document in Photoshop and making it

Think of this image as a kind of palette of materials that might later be turned into a finished design, but for now serves as a single repository for gathering and beginning to arrange the elements of such a design. This arrangement should begin to suggest the design's

The design may look like a page of elements, or like an imaginary scene of elements, or something in between.

This palette should include the following elements

The Design-Scheme Mockup
The design scheme should consist of

This mockup should be saved as a .jpg, posted to the web (in someone's "www" folder in a sub-folder "4230/exercises/memory").

moodle Send the URL in a message to the Moodle forum "Design Schemes from Memories of Earth" along with the names of all in your group.