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Xcopy is a program for quickly backing up files from one drive or folder to others on a PC. It comes in Windows XP (and perhaps earlier versions). Xcopy is particularly useful because you can tell it to backup only files that have been modified since a certain date, meaning you don't have to wait around while it stupidly recopies files you haven't touched in weeks or months.

To use Xcopy, do the following, changing the specific drive letters, folder names, and dates as appropriate (more on that below):

Choose Start > Run
Then type:
xcopy j: c:\backup /s /e /d:08-23-2005
Click "OK"

In the example above, "j:" is the source drive (a USB drive), and the destination is a folder called "backup" on "c:" drive (c:\backup). 

The "/s" and "/e" make sure you're copying both files and folders. 

The computer will backup files modified since the date you put after "/d:".