Craig Stroupe
Associate Professor of Information Design and
Director of Graduate Studies, English MA Program

Department of Writng Studies | 1201 Ordean Court # 420 | University of Minnesota Duluth | Duluth, MN 55812 | 218-726-6249 | fax 218-726-6882 |

next fall i'm teaching
I will not be teaching next spring because I am on a sabbatical.

In Fall 2015:
Literacy, Technology, and Society (WRIT 1506), and Visual Rhetoric and Culture (WRIT 4260/5260)

In Spring 2015:
Literacy, Technology, and Society (WRIT 1506); New Media Writing (WRIT 4250/5250) and Web Design and Digital Culture (4230/5230)

quoteMost of us can still remember the sounds of drills grinding and rattling through cinderblock walls when crews first installed Ethernet cables in faculty office buildings.

Did that racket signal the first breaching of what Gerald Graff has called the "systematic non-relation" among disciplines, which keeps the university from realizing its social and intellectual mission, or were we hearing only stop-gap dental work near the end of the century to keep the old university from losing its teeth altogether?"

from "Technologizing the Conflicts: Graff and the Web" in Pedagogy. More on my scholarship.

new media writing Tuesday, Thursday, 8:00 - 9:15 a.m.; MonH 239; course # 29579
Introduction to Critical Theory Tuesday, Thursday, 3:00 - 4:50 p.m.; KAML (Library) 409; course # 27904

The Departments of English and Writing Studies will again host the series of Word Association Talks. The schedule is pending.

Introduction to Critical Theory | New Media Writing | Web Design and Digital Culture | Literacy, Technology, and Society | Visual Rhetoric and Culture | American Authorship Seminar |

Imagine you could track and compare key words appearing in tens of thousands of books across history.
Google Ngram Viewer allows you to choose your own search terms, book collections, and time periods--such as this comparison of "Atlantis" and "El Dorado" in books written in English between 1800 and 2000.