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Course Evaluations and Permissions

  • course call number: 47065.
  • quarter number is 5

The Home Stretch (last two class meetings)
I'll have available tonight the Client Project Proposals for anyone who didn't pick them up last week. Then, we'll distribute any proposals that didn't get distributed last week and assign them numbers below. Next week, we'll workshop from # 13 on.

Workshop Tonight
Keep in mind that, while we're talking about individual works, we're not just talking about individual work. Try making connections between comments on the projects at hand and your own client site. Our purpose is not only to help each other, but also to reveal and understand some of the general principles and techniques of creating useful and even powerful sites for real clients.

Project # and Name (W 4/30) Project # and Name (W 5/7)
1. Joshua G 5. Erik Y.
2. Tom S. 11. Bob I.
3. Travis J. 12. Lucas W.
4. John S. 13. Sam M.
6. Andy M. 14. Robin O.
7. David R. 15. Scott B.
8. Dane P. 16. Bess E.
9. Gregory R. 17. Phil M.
10. John K. 18. Jillian S.
  19. Melissa S.
  20. Jennifer T.
  21. Tryg W.
  22. Patrick P.

Links We Might Need Tonight

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