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Class Blackboard for May 4


Last Day of Class!


The Client Project (final) will be due by Thursday, May 11 at noon. I will assume that the final version of the client project is located at the same URL as your BETA version. Please e-mail me if you have moved it.

I will be in the classroom between noon and 12:30 to collect your commentaries, or you can drop your commentary by my mailbox in Humanities 420 before 4:00 p.m. on that day (the office door may or may not be open after that time).

Remeber that no printout of the site itself is required.

The Revision Project will also be due by Thursday, May 11 at noon. Be sure to post the revision in a folder called "revision" (leave the original version as it was in its original folder), and send the URL to the Webx discussion "revisions."

A commentary will also be due by that same day and time. No printout of the site itself is required.

Course Evaluations
COMP 5230, section 1, #047832, "Quarter" 5.

For Fall 2006, consider taking

COMP 5250, section 1, # 12793, 9:30 a.m. - 10:45 a.m., TTh

In this class, you'll learn specific, creative techniques for combining text and images in electronic media like the Web. If you are interested in integrating design and writing in your career, don't leave UMD without this course. No prior knowledge of software is required

Using Dreamweaver, Photoshop and other digital tools, you'll experiment with

  • finding a voice that speaks powerfully on the computer screen,
  • telling stories in interactive hypertexts
  • translating and visualizing print texts for an online audience
  • layering words and images to create unique reading experiences,
  • designing irresistible Web links, and more...




I will link the names in the schedule to the projects themselves, but in the meantime you can visit the projects from the Webx discussion, "client"

Tuesday, April 25

Thursday, April 27 Tuesday, May 2

1. Blake
2. Cheng
3. Colin
4. Eric
5. Gregg
6. Heather

7. Ryan
8. Sam
9. Shawn
10. Thomas R.
11. Tim
12. Tom H.
13. Tristan

14. Jacob
15. Justin
16. Kelly
17. Kyle
18. Matthew
19. Mao

Within 24 hours after the workshop

  1. copy and paste all the written comments you've made for everyone actually discussed (not just scheduled for) that day into the form "Workshop Comments for Today" and click "Send to Craig." Be sure to label each set of comments with the project number, the name of the project's author, and the correct date of the workshop.
  2. Individually send each author your comments on his or her project by using the e-mail list on the form "Workshop Comments for Today.

Resources for Workshop


Studio Session and Wrap Up

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