Read&Write Gold Sales Rep Answers to AT Team's Questions

answer to initial question:

Our Assistive Technology team is interested in obtaining Read&Write Gold site license information. Could you please provide details of what that entails and pricing information?

Thank you for your inquiry into Read&Write Gold. The cost for an unlimited site license for on and off campus for universities of 10,000 or more is indeed $5,650 for an annual subscription. This entitles your campus to both the Mac and PC license of Read&Write Gold for all campus owned computers as well as for computers owned by students, faculty and staff. This is a 12 month annual cost renewable at the end of the 12 months. Debbie Shaw - October 4, 2013

answers to further questions:

1. How would students, faculty and staff enable Read&Write Gold to work on their privately owned machines? What is the process and how easy is it?

"They would use the Take Home version which, if we're talking about RW11, is a small zip folder that end users extract on their machines. They then run a utility which downloads and installs RW11. These installations can be controlled by creating an access code which can be used to expire existing downloads if needed. It's a pretty easy process and we can help walk them through it if they would like." Debbie Shaw - November 7, 2013

2. At the end of the 12 months what happens? If we renewed, how are users impacted? Would access to Read&Write Gold be re-enabled automatically requiring no user action?

"The serial number expires if they do not renew and then they are not able to access the program. If they renew, it wouldn't impact users unless they allowed the license to expire and then renewed it. But as long as they renew before the expiration date, there should be no impact at all or no action needed by the user." Debbie Shaw - November 7, 2013

3. Could you please confirm the features of this particular site license of Read&Write Gold includes? Is it full versions of both Read&Write Gold11 (PC) and Read&Write Gold5 (Mac)?

"Yes..the subscription version of Read&Write Gold is the full version both for Mac and PC. It is the exact same software as the site license that you are just 'renting it'. The product matrix lists all the tools that come as part of the software." Debbie Shaw - November 6, 2013

4. Do you provide documentation and support to get this all up and running? If so what does it entail?

When you purchase, you will get an email that has a software certificate attached. This certificate has a unique serial number along with a link to the Read&Write Gold Essentials Website. The Essentials website not only is the location from which you will download the software, but it is also where you will find all the documentation you need for installation and deployment. You also have access to our tech support staff for any questions or problems you might have that require technical support. As a matter of fact, if your tech guys want any specific information now about installation, we can set up a call with our tech staff. Debbie Shaw - November 6, 2013