Assistive Technology Software Version Comparison and Recommendations

This January 2013 version comparison is based on the December 2012 inventory of assistive software in Kirby Plaza 166 as well as research into latest AT software offerings on the market. (Note: on December 3, 2012, Mary K mentioned that all of the software on the machines in Disability Services was fine and requested that it not be updated.)

Product Current Market Version Our Latest Version Recommendation Notable New Features
Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 11.5 May be worth updating when version 13 is released. Slight speed and accuracy enhancements. "Previous Dragon users with version 10 or 11 will not likely be swayed..."
Duxbury Braille Translater 11.1 11.1    
Inspiration 9 8.0 If presentations are a frequent output, consider updating on non-Disability Services machines. Can convert web notes into a presentation.
JAWS 14 13 May be worth purchasing a copy to test with Windows 8. Windows 8 support and new flexible web feature (Can be set to skip ads, etc on a page by page basis.)
Kurzweil 1000 13 13    
Kurzweil 3000 13 13    
MaGic 12 11 If users are requesting the new interface and features, consider updating on non-Disability Services machines.
  • New user Interface - split buttons
  • High-definition text smoothing
  • 2.5x magnification
  • New color schemes for mouse and cursor
  • Skim reading feature
  • Navigation quick keys
Read & Write Gold 10 10    
Victor Reader 1.5 1.5    
VisAbility 1.21 -   No longer listed as an Aisquared product. Looks as if it was replaced by ZoomText.
ZoomText 10 10   (USB)


Dragon Naturally Speaking 12


MaGic 12

Inspiration 9