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I am a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Minnesota in Duluth . I am also a Principal Investigator and Associate Fellow at the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute.

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Please read this guide (Updated September 22, 2013) if you are a graduate student in Computer Science doing your thesis research with me (or would like to). See this presentation too.

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See my current office hours and contact information or my full Curriculum Vitae (updated April 6, 2012)

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..... SenseClusters ..... Ngram Statistics Package ..... WordNet::Similarity ..... UMLS::Similarity ..... WordNet::SenseRelate ..... Supervised WSD .....

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The Registry of Latin America Researchers in NLP and CL was active from 2001 - 2013, and included information about more than 300 researchers. It is now offline due to changes in Web technology since its development. If you are interested in using the data from the Registry please contact me.

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