CS 8761 - Natural Language Processing - Fall 2004

Class Information:

Required Reading and Suggested Activities

This class took place in Fall 2004 and is now over.

Project Downloads and Demos!

The final projects have been submitted! You can download any of these automated essay grading systems, and also try them out via the web.


Automated Essay Grading project overview. Project Teams. More about your team names here.

Programming Assignments:

Project Resources:

  • Finding Collocations
  • WordNet and Related Tools
  • Corpora
  • Machine Readable Dictionaries
  • General Language Processing Tools
  • Web Tools
  • Lots of Links to Resources
  • Sources of Essay Questions (These are reserved for the instructor, so don't use these for assignment 4)

    Web Drop to Make Submissions:

    click here

    Perl Resources:

    Sources of Text:

    Google Resources:

    Other Resources:

    By: Ted Pedersen - tpederse@umn.edu