Indepenpdent Study and Undergraduate Research Opportunities (UROP)

Independent Study or the UROP program are great ways for UMD undergraduates to get involved in research. I am always willing to sponsor Independent Study or UROP projects, and would be happy to discuss any ideas that you might have.

I am particularly interested in projects that take advantage of the APIs that are now being provided by services such as : In addition, I have some ideas for projects that revolve around some of the packages that we've worked on here at UMD. Most of these involve dealing with automatically determining the meaning of words and sentences in text. You can see some general information about those projects here and here.

Please contact me at tpederse AT d umn edu if you find anything on this page interesting, or if you have another idea for a UROP or Independent Study!

Previous Projects:

Spring 2005 - Advanced Search Tools for Online Resources (Justin Chase)

Spring 2003 - Translate the News of the World! (Brian Rassier)

Summer 2002 - Alpaco - An Alignment Tool for Parallel texts (Brian Rassier)

Spring/Fall 2002 - Latin American Registry (Brian Rassier)

By: Ted Pedersen - tpederse AT d umn edu