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Understanding Global Cultures

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Global Cultures




Lonely Planet Map

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See also:

Saudi Arabia

Sub-Saharan Africa

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Africa -- Wikipedia


Kano Market, Nigeria, (ZambaGrafix)

Kano Market, Nigeria
photo by Tony Page, ZambaGrafix

In the news . . .

  • Africa is a Country -- Sean Jacobs, Milano School of International Affairs, The New School in New York City
    ["The title of the group blog, Africa is a Country, is tongue-in-cheek, as its subtitle - "Not the continent with 54 countries" - clarifies. The blog was founded by Dr. Sean Jacobs, a professor of International Affairs at the New School who grew up in apartheid South Africa. Authored by Jacobs and a team of scholars, journalists, and artists, Africa is a Country features a broad collection of engaging essays, interviews, and articles that address subjects including Politics, It's the Economy, Music, and Football is a Country. Articles highlight a diversity of perspectives and topics, giving lie to the myth that Africa is a monolithic "perpetual sob story" (as Jacobs describes Western tropes about the country in one interview). Recent posts include an essay by political science and philosophy professor Achille Mbembe entitled "Africa is the New Century" and an interview with Anjan Sundaram on the state of journalism in Rwanda. Music fans will want to check out the blog's regular Music Break feature, where music producer, DJ, and writer Boima Tucker compiles video mixtapes featuring artists with roots in Africa." -- [MMB, The Scout Report, August 26, 2016, Volume 22, Number 33]

  • African Agriculture: Dirt Poor -- Nature (28 March 2012)

Map of the Ottoman Empire.


Ottoman Empire Map

from Imperial History of the Middle East: 5000 Years of History in 90 seconds -- Maps of War

The 90 second synopsis includes . . .

  • Note the recapitulation in about 3.5 seconds
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