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Understanding Global Cultures

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Global Cultures

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Course Review Fall 2003

THE BEST THING I LIKED about this class was . . .

  1. The BBQ! Because I enjoyed the chance to get to know my classmates better.
  2. Learning about countries because i didn't know much about some of them.
  3. Doing my assignments 15 minutes before class started.
  4. food during presentations was always good to have.
  5. the laid back atmosphere of the class...and of course...the professor!!
  6. I liked hearing all the funny stories the prof had to say about all the different countries.
  7. The Kino stories and his bottle of tequila!
  8. People's presentations that actually had a person come in to discuss their life in the country (Belgium dude)
  9. some of the music videos and turkish coffee
  10. Drinking Turkish coffee at the BBQ and listening to several Kino (insert several last names here) stories
  11. having tea and scrumpits during the presentation
  12. The drunk Mexican video (but its for religious purposes)
  13. The German presentation because we watched a movie. Run Lola Run
  14. I also enjoyed learning about different cultures
  15. The stories the professor told
  16. I also liked the stories the professor told
  17. I Liked eating Bratwurst during the German Presentation
  18. I liked how Patrick somehow fit a Jimmy Hendrix song into his presentation.
  19. Ditto to the tea and crumpits!!!!!!!!

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THE THING I LIKED LEAST about this class was . . .

  1. Staying 1.5 hours after almost everyone had left the room to finish my first test. AHHHH!
  2. When everyone started presenting the same way, over and over.
  3. TESTS! no matter how good you thought your essay wasn't....
  4. Having the class so late in the day.
  5. Being here until 6 0'clock for the last test!
  6. reading
  7. I second that notion about the reading
  8. unprepared presentations
  9. That MEANIE that stabbed the Bull!!! Butthead!!
  10. How hot this room ALWAYS is
  11. Unprepared presentations also Blaahhhhh!
  12. learning every bibliography format possible
  13. I didn't like getting out so late
  14. UGC
  15. writing 12 pages for the paper
  16. Not having written the 12 page paper that I have to do yet.
  17. All the chair positions were taken when we signed up, I lost a lot of points.
  18. The Russian ballet, enough said
  19. This ridiculous paper
  20. ya that stupid paper at the end, didn't need to be

Fall 2002

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