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Understanding Global Cultures

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Global Cultures

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(29 min. 1986, <>

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[The name BabaKiueria is reminiscant of
the name for Yucatán]


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Babakiueria narrator.
Michele Torres

"A satirical alternative history of Australia since 1788, depicting what it might have been like for the European indigenous population of Australia, if Aboriginal colonial culture had arrived with the First Fleet and assumed a dominant position."

"In 1988 Australia celebrated the 200th Anniversary of white European settlement in Australia. Babakiueria is a light hearted satire that reverses the roles, imagining what it would be like if a fleet arrived to try and settle an area inhabited by white natives. A short, effective drama that features role reversal in which Aboriginal Australians change places with the historically dominant white Australians. Excellent discussion starter as it promotes an awareness of the attitudes and injustices that have been endured by black Australians." UP

"Another classic film. It examines black-white relations in the land of Babakiueria. This wry mockumentary examines the plight of the oppressed white minority who, having been dispossessed of their land, must obey the laws and customs of the black majority." -- Green Left Weekly Australia's radical weekly newspaper

"The film Babakiueria shows how aborigines are represented in society through taking a sarcastic look at racial stereotypes, the stereotypes are reduced to absurdity when the roles of whites and blacks in society are reversed. By doing this, the film draws the attention of not only white attitudes towards aboriginals but also towards themselves. Aborigines who have watched this film state that it was a good film as it did represent the truth about how they are politically represented, but it could have been better if it was written by an aboriginal instead of a white person, as they would have presented the film using Aboriginal culture instead of using the whites' controlling methods of a society." MOS

Theme: Stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination, Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders
Publisher: Australian Broadcasting Corporation & Moorabbin College of TAFE
Author: Don Featherstone
Writer: Geoffrey Atherden, winner of United Nations Media Peace Prize for Babakiueria
Guide: "A kulturális relativizmus mint a megértés filozófiája" -- BORSÁNYI LÁSZLÓ
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