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Ancient Middle America

Spring 2019 Calendar

 map: topographic
  map: Mesoamerica and Its Cultural Areas
 Pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica

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Olmec jade figure

Olmec Jade Figure



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The Olmecs

See also La Venta

Cabeza Colosal nº1 del Museo Xalapa.
San Loreno
Cabeza Colosal nº1 del Museo Xalapa


Map of the Olmec Heartland and vicinity.

Map: Olmec Civilization,
1200 B.C. - A.D. 600

Olmec map II -- MESOWEB

Mesoamerican timeline -- MESOWEB


Olmec Heartland map.

"A recovered mosaic from La Venta."

La Venta -- Wikipedia

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Olmec Heartland map.

"'The Grandmother', La Venta (reproduction). Officially known as Monument 5, this statue is thought to represent a dwarf."

La Venta -- Wikipedia

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  • Bibliography -- Víctor Mendoza Grado

  • Flannery, Kent V.; Andrew K. Balkansky, Gary M. Feinman, David C. Grove, Joyce Marcus, Elsa M. Redmond, Robert G. Reynolds, Robert J. Sharer, Charles S. Spencer, and Jason Yaeger (August 2005). "Implications of new petrographic analysis for the Olmec "mother culture" model" (online reproduction). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (Washington, D.C.: National Academy of Sciences) 102 (32): 11219–11223.

  • Implications of Epi-Olmec Studies for the Book of Mormon -- Brant Gardner


  • Olmec -- Mankato State University

  • The Olmec -- National Geographic.Com

  • Olmec Art -- Edgar Martín del Campo

  • Olmec Civilization: Defining Characteristics -- Dr. Gene J. Paull

  • Olmec Inscriptions -- Makubwa

  • Olmec Links -- El Centro College History Department

  • The Olmec World: Ritual and Rulership -- Gillett G. Griffin

  • Olmecs -- Universidad de Guadalajara

  • The Olmecs -- Different World

  • The Olmecs -- Mexico para Niños

  • THE OLMECS: The Birth of a Great Civilization -- Ann Cyphers

  • The Olmecs, a view by Clyde A. Winters
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