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Ancient Middle America

Spring 2019 Calendar

 map: topographic
  map: Mesoamerica and Its Cultural Areas
 Pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica

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Clovis point.
Clovis point


Kennewick Man on cover of Time, 13 March 2006.

13 March 2006


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Clovis traditions


Who were the first Americans? (slides)

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"This program highlights current research which is challenging the traditional theory of how people first came to North America in prehistoric times. It has been assumed that the Clovis, the oldest people to populate the continent, moved south from Alaska as Canadian ice sheets were breaking up. New findings by archealogists indicate people may have come from more than one place following a number of routes including a Pacific coastal route, a Beringian land route and an Atlantic ice route. Clovis culture and technology is discussed. New research findings by Dennis Stanford, Jon Erlandson, Michael Collins, Al Goodyear, Steve Holen and David Yesner are presented."  -- UMD Library

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Terms / Concepts:

  • OSL -- precisely measures the light energy stored in sand particles

  • Laurentide ice sheet

  • Cordillera ice sheet



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