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Ancient Middle America

Spring 2019 Calendar

 map: topographic
  map: Mesoamerica and Its Cultural Areas
 Pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica

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Map of Major Mayan Archaeological Sites

Map of the
Mayan World


The Fall of the Maya

23 min., 1993, VC 2322


Terms / Concepts Notes
Cultures Sites Individuals Bibliography
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Other Maya Sites

Maya -- Wikipedia

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Copan Sculpture

Copán, Honduras

"The mystery of the Maya civilization is explained through the archaeological findings of the ancient city of Copán in the Honduras' jungle."

"Until 1965, the ancient Maya were thought to have been a mysterious but peaceful people governed by astronomer-priests. But then Russian linguist Yuri Knorosov cracked the phonetic code of Maya hieroglyphics. Today, researchers are revealing stories of Maya blood sacrifice, uncovering a world far different from their expectations. This program shows how, from excavations deep in the Honduran jungle to the most recently interpreted hieroglyphic writings, the story is being unraveled of the rise and fall of the Maya." -- Films for the Humanities



Terms / Concepts / Features:

  • settlement patterns


  • William Saunders
  • David Webster
  • Yuri Knorosov


  • "Ceremonial centers only have about 1% of the people. You have to get out to see how the others lived."

  • "Thirty-, forty-, fifty-thousand people vanished in the PostClassic."
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