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Europa and the Bull, Moreay.

Europa and the Bull

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Hombres de Aran.

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Man of Aran

(77 min, 1934, B&W, UM Duluth Library Multimedia  DA990.A8 M37 2003 DVD)


Filmed on location on Inis Mór


Aran Islands, Ireland


Map of the Aran Islands.

Aran Islands -- Wikipedia
Aran Islands Bibliography -- Wikipedia

Robert J. Flaherty -- Wikipedia
~ Man of Aran -- Wikipedia
~ Nanook of the North -- Wikipedia

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Man of Iran video cover.

"A masterpiece of dramatized documentary, Man of Aran depicts the daily life of a fisherman family on the rugged, windswept island of Aran off the west coast of Ireland. Though Flaherty scripted elements of his film (the family is not an actual family, but one the director put together), the result is a timeless and authentic document of the relationship between man and nature."

"Following the same ethnographic instincts that lead to his first film, the silent classic Nanook of the North (1922), Flaherty sought to portray not so much a document of Aran in the 1930s as an archetype of man's ancient struggle to survive"

Nanook of the North -- -- YouTube

"Beautifully filmed, the result is an incomparable account of human dignity. Man of Aran is Flaherty's first sound film, with an original score composed by John Greenwood. With his unique style and method of filmmaking, Flaherty pushed forward the boundaries of perception in documentary film." -- One World Film Festival, Czech Republic

"For the last 200 years the Aran Islands have exercised a powerfully romantic fascination on the outside world which is without equal anywhere else in the country. They were believed to contain the essence of the ancient Irish life, represented by a pure uncorrupted peasant existence centred around the struggle between man and his hostile but magnificent surroundings. This myth, strengthened by the writings of Yeats and especially Synge was hugely expanded by the release in 1934 of Man of Aran, a documentary on the life of the Island people."

Man of Aran -- Film West: Ireland's Film Quarterly

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Scene from Man of Aran.


CD Release Features:

  • "How the Myth was Made": a 60 min. documentary about the making of Man of Aran
    (co-produced by James Brown and George C. Stoney)

  • "Looking Back": Robert J. Flaherty reflects on the making of Man of Aran

  • "Hidden and Seeking": A documentary excerpt in which Frances Flaherty reflects on her life and work with Robert Flaherty (presented in b&w)

  • "Flaherty and Film": A filmed discussion between Frances Flaherty and Robert Gardner about the making of Man of Aran (presented in b&w)

  • "Outside the Frame": A gallery of production stills, sketches and publicity photos (presented in b&w)

  • 1934: Myth of Aran -- Film of the Year: Exploring the Mystery of Cinima One Year at a Time

Scene from Man of Aran.

Scene from Man of Aran.

Scenes from Man of Aran


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