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 Culture and Personality 

(Psychological Anthropology)

  Margaret Mead
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Personality: All About Me
(60 min., UM Duluth Library Multimedia BF698.3 .P37 2003 DVD )
From BBC

Part of the Series The Human Mind: From Neurons to Knowledge

Image of brain areas.

Brain Foundation Victoria

The Brain: A Road Map to the Mind



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Other Personality Tests
[for fun]

Great Pyrenean Mountain Dog
Great Pyrenean Mountain Dog

What Breed Of Dog Are You?! -- GoToQuiz

What Breed of Dog Are You? -- blogthings



"The 100 billion cells that make up the brain communicate electrically over 1,000 trillion neural connections at up to 250 miles per hour—and from this sparking of electrical power grows the personality and its behavior. This program explores how personalities are shaped during childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, exposing how traits such as extroversion and introversion develop. Additional topics range from how parents affect children’s personalities, to why teens are so emotionally sensitive, to what lies at the heart of mood swings. The story of an overall amiable man trying to curb a severe anger problem is featured."

Original BBC broadcast title: Personality
Films for the Humanities and Sciences

Terms / Concepts

  • personality

  • brain research

  • neurons

  • frontal lobes

    • "act as kind of a control center in the brain"

  • risk taking

    • dopamine

  • extroversion / introversion

    • "extrovert" / "introvert"

      • concepts first popularized by Carl Jung

    • note the "lemon test" to determine extroverts / introverts

  • serotonin

    • chemical at the base of the brain which regulates a feeling of happiness
  • childhood / adolescence / adulthood

    • childhood experiences
    • puberty

  • rage management

  • delayed gratification

  • [identical] twin research

  • polar opposites
  • Question: How much of what you see is British, and how much relates in general to being human?

    • nurture / nature
    • inherited / learned
    • biology / culture

  • "There are around 5000 [personality-related] characteristics in each of us."

  • "To change our personality we need to quite literally alter our mind."

  • "... It is possible to alter our personality in the short term [with mood manipulation]."

    • note experiment on altering mood

    • scientists have found out that one of the best ways of assessing moods is to observe the way people behave while shopping.

  • "Our personality develops across our lifetime...."

  • "Our experiences as children have a profound effect on what we are to be."

    • Specific experiences in childhood can help to form specific personality traits. . . ."

Personality: All About Me
(60 min., 2003, DVD 206)

  • Questions?

  • Question: How much of what you see is British, and how much relates in general to being human?

    • nurture / nature
    • inherited / learned
    • biology / culture

  • Question: What do you think the difference(s) in results might be, if any, between the twins in the BBC video [Personality: All About Me] taking the BBC personality test in the a.m. and in the p.m. of the day of the experiment?


What's your personality type?

Find out with the BBC on-line

"What Am I Like?" personality test

UMD Birmngham, England, Postal Codes include
B29 7JQ and B29 6QD

Possible BBC results include:

Big Thinker
(Spontaneous + Ideas + Heads + Extrovert)

(Planner + Ideas + Hearts + Introvert)

(Spontaneous + Facts + Heads + Extrovert)

(Spontaneous + Ideas + Hearts + Introvert)

(Spontaneous + Ideas + Hearts + Extrovert)

(Planner + Ideas + Heads + Extrovert)

(Planner + Ideas + Heads + Introvert)

(Planner + Ideas + Hearts + Extrovert)

(Planner + Facts + Hearts + Introvert)

(Spontaneous + Facts + Hearts + Introvert)

(Spontaneous + Facts + Hearts + Extrovert)

(Planner + Facts + Hearts + Extrovert)

(Planner + Facts + Heads + Introvert)

(Spontaneous + Facts + Heads + Introvert)

(Spontaneous + Ideas + Heads + Introvert)

(Planner + Facts + Heads + Extrovert)



Cultures: Individuals:
  • Robert Winston, presentor
Films for the Humanities and Sciences
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