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Planetary Processes Laboratory: VMaps

Index map of Venusian quadrangles (1:5M series) info for V-23 info for V-25 info for V-24 info for V-35 info for V-48 info for V-37 info for V-52 info for V-45

To date we have created eight Venus 1:5 million scale geologic maps, so called ‘VMaps’ (V-23 Niobe Planita, V-24 Greenaway, V-25 Rusalka Planitia, V-35 Ovda Regio, V-37 Diana Chasma, V-45 Agnesi, V-48 Artemis, V-52 Helen Planitia); V-45 has been in final edit for several years, we hope to be able to post it here soon. Together these eight quadrangles cover ~55,000,000 square kilometers. Click on the image above for links to each map area; links will take you to the USGS Venus geologic map site. You can also access each of these maps on the Contributions link by following the link to Geologic Maps.  (Note: the polar quads have been omitted from the index image.)

Index map of Venusian quadrangles (1:10M series) Niobe Planitia Altimetric Radar Map Aphrodite Terra Altimetric Radar Map

We are currently involved in 1:10 million scale geologic mapping of the Niobe Planitia and the Aphrodite Terra cartographic map sheets (I-2467 and I-2476, respectively). Each 1:10M map area covers eight 1:5M VMap regions plus parts of two additional 1:5M VMap regions (>70,000,000 square kilometers). The completed geologic maps will be peer-reviewed and published USGS I-series maps.  (Note: the polar quads have once again been omitted from the index image.)

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