Northland Advanced Transportation Systems Research Laboratory (NATSRL)

Bernie Arsemeau, Mn/DOT Division Director
Michael Robinson, District Engineer, District 1, Mn/DOT
James Foldersi, County Engineer, St. Louis County
Cindy Voigt, City Engineer, City of Duluth
James Riehl, Dean, Swenson College of Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota Duluth
Max Donath, Director, ITS Institute, University of Minnesota Twin Cities  

Cory Johnson, Research Engineer, Mn/DOT
Robert Ege, Traffic Engineer, District 1, Mn/DOT
Ray Starr, ITS Director, Mn/DOT
Bradley Estochen, Traffic Safety Engineer, Mn/DOT
Farideh Amiri, Maintenance Research Engineer, Mn/DOT
Cari Pederson, Chief Transportation Engineer, City of Duluth
Peter Eakman, Design Engineer, St. Louis County
Victor Lund, Traffic Engineer, St. Louis County

Duluth transportation images