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A drilling rig on Pt. McIntyre. (To get a sense of scale, check out the service door pointed to by the arrow.) When the job is done, they fold down the derrick on the rig and tow it down the road.

You didn't believe me? Large buildings in Prudhoe Bay must be built elsewhere, then sent by barge during the 6-week summer shipping season, and finally towed by a pair of special trucks to the installation site.

This is where the pipeline crosses the Denali Fault. Note the rails underneath the line. This allows the pipeline to swing all the way across the length of those rails during a strong earthquake without rupturing the line (should that need arise.)


A huge caribou herd takes a break as they migrate through Prudhoe Bay. They do so each summer.


Seawater treatment plant at Pt. McIntyre. The other end is the northernmost point to which you can drive in the United States.

High noon in late autumn at 70 deg. north latitude.

The Arctic Ocean in mid-July.

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