Justin Henry Rubin:
Multimedia and Digital Art

All images and sounds are protected under copyright © Justin Henry Rubin 2011

Institutions or individuals interested in the multimedia installation works of Justin Henry Rubin are encouraged to contact the artist.

Multimedia Art

Planet V (10'53") Video [2010] in collaboration with artist John Merigliano.

The Pale Memory (10'28") Video [2007] in collaboration with artist John Merigliano.

Visit The Pale Memory webpage here or the Institute for Advanced Study page.

La Zarabanda (3'21") Video Painting [2004]

Small    Small Zarabanda          Large   Large Zarabanda

The piano music is the Saraband from the first book of Diverse curiose e rare partite musicali.  

Stone Mandala (5'47") Short Subject [2004]

Excerpt   Stone Mandala

Weigh-ges (2'51") Short Subject [2004]


for Anton (47") Documentary [2004]


Digital Art

 Arrete Remix  
Mandala I Remix  
Mandala III Remix  



 Memory Remix  
Mandala II Remix