Justin Henry Rubin:
Performance and Conceptual Art

All text and performance art concepts are protected under copyright © Justin Henry Rubin 2011

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Genocide in the 20th Century: 6,000,000 Holocaust Memorial and Installation

A collaboration with Philadelphia based artist and photographer, John Merigliano, this work provides a number of possible interactive installations as an educational and aesthetic experience for understanding the incomprehensible numbers associated with genocide.  Text, concept, and sound environment by Justin Rubin; drawings and images by John Merigliano.

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Listen  [a brief example of the sound installation]

Timed Arien

Based on the work of Dick Higgins, the title is a reorganization of the letters that make up the word Intermedia, the genre invented by the Fluxus artist.  This piece was performed by students of the University of Minnesota Duluth Music Department at the Tweed Museum of Art Higgins retrospective in October, 2003.

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Covert Oppression

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