The Harvey/Gumppers
in the
Winter Wonderland

The Harvey/Gumpper House
224 W. St. Andrews St.

The Wallace House The Wallace House
Back Yard

Our Trip
to Italy
Summer 2004

Our Trip
to England
Fall 2000

Family Reunion
Summer 2006

Harvey Family Reunions

Lake Houghton
Michigan Summer 2000

Black Mountain, North Carolina
Summer 2002

Ben's YouTube Father's Day
Ben Harvey is a studious lad
For whom reading's no temporary fad
His passion's so strong
It won't be too long
'Fore he's read the same books as his Dad.
      - Tony Brown

 Katie's Web Page

Wherever our Katherine is found
Paper, scissors and pencils abound
With wonderful patience
She'll make such creations
That will surprise, delight and astound.
      - Tony Brown

This is not our actual front porch! It's the set of Picnic which Ann designed for UMD Theatre in 1991. We enjoy collaborating on projects together, both at home and in the theatre. Ann designed the scenery for this production, Mark designed the lighting.

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