Italy 2004
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Ben and Katie at Trevi Fountain.
On the floor of the Coliseum.
Ann joins Ben and Katie for a family hug in the Coliseum.
Augustus Arch in the Roman Forum.
Gumpper/Harveys and Gumpper/Bartons find each other in the Roman Forum!

Ann, Ben and Katie at the Triton Fountain. Ann and Mark at the Pantheon fountain. A local mime artist entertains the evening crowd. Katie gets some special attention. Ben and Chris sword fight with balloon swords made by the mime.

Ann, Ben and Katie in St. Peter's Square. Anti-Bush Demonstration in Piazza Republica. Ben and Katie with the baptismal font in St. Peter's Basilica. Ben and Katie ride the quaint elevator in the Hotel Nardizzi. The secret passage from our room to the Hotel Nardizzi lobby.


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