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TH 1001
Introduction to Theatre Arts

Section 2

Small Group Face-to-Face Meeting

1. Find the small group you belong to by checking the roster for each small group posted around the room.

2. Introduce yourself to your group, and answer the following questions:

• Have you used Canavas before? If so, describe your experience.

3. Log onto Canvas with a laptop computer. Walk each person in your group through the log-on process and post a picture of each person in your group.

Log-On Canvas:

* Go to <>

* Enter your username id (for example: doex0001) and password

Upload a Personal Photo:

* Locate a photo of yourself on your computer, or use your Campus Directory photo. (Please use a photo that will help your group members identify you.)

* To find your Campus Directory photo, go to <> and put your own name in the SEARCH box and click Search.

* Save your photo to your desktop.

* Go to Canvas, Log in and click Account in the upper left hand column >Profile > Select Profile Picture > Upload a Picture.

Decide on a Group Name for Your Group:

* Choose a name for your group beginning with the capital letter listed on the group roster.

* Write in the name you've chosen for your group.

* Make any corrections on the spelling of each student's name listed on the roster. Also, indicate if you prefer to be called by a different name other than what's listed, and your pronoun preferences.

• Add names of new group members.

* Hand group roster sheet in to the instructor.

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