TH 1699

Running Crew


How to get permission to enroll in this course:

• Check web site for running crew openings for current productions.
• Talk with area supervisor for further details concerning specific positions. (See below.)
• Submit the online Contact Information Form.

Mark Harvey will give you permission to enroll once the position has been confirmed with the area supervisor. If you have not already done so, please contact the appropriate supervisor listed below by either email or telephone to learn the complete responsibilities for each running crew position.

Area Supervisors
Scenery Shift Crew Scott Boyle  
Properties Crew Scott Boyle  
Costumes/Dressers Laura Piotrowski  
Hair/Makeup Crew Caitlin Quinn  
Light Board Operator Ethan Hollinger  
Sound Board Operator Ethan Hollinger  
Follow Spot Operator Ethan Hollinger  
Projections Operator Ethan Hollinger  
Assistant Stage Manager Scott Boyle  
Email Mark Harvey
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