TH 2399
Production Practicum II
1 cr.

This course is intended for students interested in serving specific UMD Theatre productions in leadership positions, but not necessarily involved in weekly production meetings. Production Practicum II is based on both the number of hours a student puts towards the production, as well as how well the responsibilities of the position are executed. Positions require certain levels of expertise. Please consult the area supervisor as listed below.

Job titles that qualify for Production Practicum II credit include, but are not necessarily restricted to:

Due to the unique demands of each UMD Theatre production, students interested in enrolling in TH 2399 Production Practicum II must first arrange specific duties with the area supervisor before seeking permission to enroll in the course.

All students enrolled in TH 2399 must be available to meet other production team members between 8:00-9:50 AM each Tuesday of the semester.


Area Supervisors
Master Carpenter Scott Boyle 726-8320
Props Assistant Scott Boyle 726-8320
Scenic Artist Curtis Phillips 726-7444
Wardrobe Supervisor Laura Piotrowski 726-8772
Assistant Costume Designer Caitlin Quinn 726-8098
Makeup Supervisor Caitlin Quinn 726-8098
Assistant Master Electrician Ethan Hollinger 726-7807
Lighting Programmer Ethan Hollinger 726-7807
Assistant Sound Engineer Ethan Hollinger 726-7807
Assistant Technical Director Scott Boyle 726-8320
Dramaturg Jenna Soleo-Shanks 726-8185


Once an area supervisor confirms duties for a specific production, complete and submit the Contact Information Form. Permission will then be given to enroll in the course.

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